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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 196)

Sometimes life is very full and challenging.  Children of all ages and stages with various needs who bring their individual characters, triumphs and challenges to the ‘melting pot’ is our reality.

A major triumph yesterday, Einstein passed his driving test!  He now has his red provisional license and can drive himself about.  This afternoon he drove himself to work, PC is so very grateful he no longer has to drive back into town several nights a week.

I’ve invested wasted too much downtime lately, watching Britian’s/America/Australia/New Zealand’s Got Talent/X Factor on youtube. Vocalist’s are the acts I watch, I dream of being able to sing, not even stage performance level. I’d be happy to just belt out a song and sound in tune, that would be a dream come true.

Watching the performers and judges from the various countries is really interesting as each culture is rather unique.  Some countries are more formal than others, some judges more encouraging than others, my favourite of course are the Australian talent shows, admittedly they are more laid back, but I ‘get them’, my people, my mob.

We recently acquired a blow up pool, this week the children pumped it up and planned to swim in it.  As it is Winter I vetoed that idea, tossing around plans they decided to float the pool on the above ground pool and use it as a raft. They reasoned this wasn’t swimming as they didn’t plan on getting wet, thus far they haven’t tipped out.

I had a ‘moment’ this week, that somehow didn’t come across so well in explanation.  In the middle of the day I heard a deep voice, from the other end of the house it sounded like my Prince Charming had come home unexpectedly.  My heart gave a lurch and started to go ‘pitter patter’, I ran up the hall to greet him, only to discover the deep voices which sounded like PC were our teenage sons.
Me:”Oh I thought it was your Dad home, it was only your voices I heard”
Teenage Sons:”Only!”
Me:”My heart went pitter patter, I thought it was your Dad but it was only you”
Teenage Sons: “Gee thanks Mum!”  “What do you mean only us?!”
Oops, damage control, my explanation was not expressed well;)

Thinking I have a wheat intolerance, I’ve been trialing gluten free flour but it makes me sick, so I suspect the tapioca flour is too starchy.  My plan is to return to using almond flour, not only is it nutritious but we like the taste. I’m also wanting to address which sugar substitutes to use, my choice is either coconut sugar and honey, which one do you suggest is best?

Team Whitaker is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week.

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  • Helena

    Hi Erin,

    I also enjoy watching the various talent shows, especially the auditions. My favourite one is Britain's Got Talent, although I also really enjoy Australia's 'The Voice '. My favourite part about The Voice is the fact that they hold blind auditions, which are much more effective than the ones in other television shows, for singing!

    A big congratulations to Einstein!! 🙂

    Lol! I sometimes get Dad's and my brother's voices mixed up, as well! It's funny how young men grow up to have similar voices to their fathers!


  • Cassie Williams

    I thought I had a wheat intolerance too. I experiment for about a year and learned a lot about how I react to different foods. I have to limit the wheat. Actually I think it is the processed, preservative stuff in it and not the wheat. I have a friend who makes home made bread with all good ingredients (grinds her own organic wheat berries, coconut oil, etc.) and I can eat that with no problem. Store bought bread give me a belly ache! I learned I can't eat cinnamon in the spring time (it's spring tree pollen related). I really avoid any processed food with cinnamon in them too. I limit how many wheat products I have in the day too, even the good bread that my friends makes. If I ate it at every meal I would regret it, but 2-3 slices all day is fine. My tummy feels so much better now! Too bad I didn't lose any weight with this change! Ugh!

  • Olivia

    It's so lovely to be back and reading your last month of blog posts.
    Prac was great but nearly killed me ! How do women do it full time??? How is there time for family and anything really?
    Anyhow, I Hope you and the fan and rugged up, well and happy x
    Actually "rugged up" probably isn't necessary after looking at that pool shot. It won't be long before "it was an accident that we fell in" happens! rubbish x

  • Erin

    The Talent shows are my favourite. Einstein is very excited:) Not only similar voices but father/sons have similar body language and walks too.

    This melting pot becomes even more apparent as they grow older. It is difficult though I agree to be aware of individual needs

    That's fascinating, I've been considering a mill grinder, but they are so pricey and the ones that attach to my other machines might burnout my machines! I have some friends who say its all the sugars we need to eliminate to rid us of the weight.

    Welcome back, missed you:) I really don't know either. Not as cold here as down there:):) Yes an accident happened;)

    Luckily I have you to remind me of that honey:){{}}Though I won't be going on talent shows anytime soon;)

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