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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 206)

My brother proposed to his girlfriend this week and she said….”Yes!” Congratulations to Dominic and Laura:) who incidentally are my most faithful blog readers within the family! (aside from PC and my children that is) So a huge Congrats shout out to the newly engaged couple:) “Love is in the air..”

Taking advantage of the school holidays I’ve spent time this week updating my book website. Aussie Book Threads now sports a new look, receiving a colour facelift, and a more synchronized layout, my favourite new feature is the drop down menu, it looks so professional!  I’d love some feedback, I’m aware the Home page is rather bland, open to any ideas??  And what would you like to see on the book pages? Would an attached document to print and take to the library be helpful?

When trying to ‘figure out’ ‘how to’ in regards to websites, blogs and photo editing, my experience is the most effective way of learning is to google, ‘how to….’  Blog posts and youtubes are far easier to understand than the pages of manuals.

PC is enjoying our new solar panels and has been a ‘boy with a new toy’ this week. He daily checks our solar usage, tracking just how much we can be using at said time and how much we are saving.  I knew he’s be like this, he makes me smile:):)

I’m currently undertaking an online photography course with Please Don’t Say Cheese. thanks to Chareen’s recommendation. I’m so enjoying it and will have far more to share about it all when I’ve completed the course.  For now I’m implementing tips, learning just what my camera can do and ‘taking risks’. I love it! It’s really interesting how I’m ‘seeing’ photo opportunities where I never did before.  Mostly though it’s all about ‘practice, practice, practice!’

Daily walks have become part of my routine now and I actually look forward to my walk each afternoon, shh don’t tell PC, he has been ‘encouraging’ me to exercise for a looong time now, and I haven’t been receptive.  Generally I take a walk around our property (150 acres) before dinner, the track takes me about 50 minutes, sometimes I go on my own, sometimes a child or three join me and sometimes PC arrives home in time to meet me on the homeward stretch.

Last night we were watching Belles on Their Toes, the sequel to Cheaper By the Dozen (1950s) and there was a scene in which PC and I soo related. Sam Harper, family friend is eneavouring to find a moment alone with Dr Lillian Gilbreth, wishing to propose.  The four oldest children and their friends are in and out of the house on their way to a dance, dramas ensue and Mama Gilbreth sets off to the dance to ‘right’ a misunderstanding, Sam tags along.  Sam finally stops trying to find a moment alone, as the mamma of many doesn’t have many such moments. We found the drama so relate-able, some days when PC and I are trying to have an uninterrupted conversation, a moment alone we give up, it can become farcical.  Though we did find time to go out on a dinner date this week, even without the baby:):)

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