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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 207)

Our five oldest are off adventuring, gone for ten days! Attending a Ball and then a pilgrimage. Princess (13) was very excited to be joining her older brothers and sister on the pilgrimage this year, not sure how excited she will be after walking 130km though;) Please pray for safety, Anna Maria (21) and Einstein (17) are sensible drivers but three days travel is a long trip.

Having only five children at home and all of them under 10 years is very strange. Enjoying it thus far, certainly it is a much slower pace, is quieter, less housework and cooking to do and everyone is in bed hours earlier than when the teenagers are home!  PC and I are pretty excited to be able to converse without teen ears perking up!  Definitely a whole different focus to our days, hoping to chat about it all later in the week.

The 2014 homeschool blog awards are open for nominations! Pop on over and nominate blogs you would like to see receive recognition. I always find the blog awards a great way to discover new blogs I hadn’t previously discovered.

I was contacted by a newspaper reporter this week to discuss homeschooling, in particular homeschooling in our region. Is it on the increase? Why do most people homeschool and why do we homeschool? A little nervous as to how it will be received but I think it sounds okay.

Spent a couple of hours in the dentist surgery this week, check ups for the four youngest (those with teeth that is). As I knew we’d be there for that long I lugged along a huge pile of books to read.  I ended up sitting on the floor of the reception area reading to my children and five others.  Had a discussion about books with the other children and was astounded to discover that they haven’t yet been to our new town library! Very hard to fathom that in a town our size there are still people who haven’t visited just on ‘sticky beak’ value alone.

I have changed my settings to allow anonymous commenting again, hopefully I won’t be deluged with too many unsuitable comments. Turned the anonymous comments back on for my Number One fan PC as he prefers to comment that way. Though comments lately have dropped way down or are non-existent, not sure if that means everyone is once again reading on iphones and not commenting, or if no-one is reading.  I’m assuming you’re still out there:)

On another learning curve, trying to work out how facebook can be used to promote blogs, not real comfortable there yet. Also checking out Bloglovin’ so that you can follow my blog with Bloglovin if that is your preferred feedly

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  • deopatriaeamicis

    What a funny experience at the dentist's. The office should hire you just to keep the waiting room crowd calm and happy each day :).

    Still reading here, I just find it hard to comment on blogs with all the little children hand. I often pull something up to read before feeding the baby, but find it hard to comment with one hand full of baby and the other holding the bottle.

  • Sharyn

    Yup, still here 🙂 But it's as you say, I'm using my iphone which is not very comm box friendly. My laptop has been broken for months now. It finally got it fixed the other week when someone got their foot tangled on the power cord as they walked passed the table and it crashed onto the floor and broke again 🙁

    Will your newspaper article be online?

  • Erin

    Well certainly calmed the office down, it was getting wild!

    Yes busier for you this time of the year

    Such a lovely time with the younger ones:)

    Oh no! Hope it's fixed and stays fixed soon. Well have been looking and still haven't seen it:(

  • Anonymous

    I have got to know what "sticky beak" means? Sounds like a funny and useful term. Maybe it is like when there is an accident on the side of the road and everyone must slow down and stare?

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