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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 208)

Needing some foodie blog inspiration, do you have any to recommend? Specifically whole foods/fermenting/grain free food blogs. Particularly love to find Australian blogs

Listening to people talk to their children in public makes me cringe at times.  I know we can all have bad days, I know many of us have been guilty at times of not talking to our children with respect, but really we need to stop and think.  Not doubting their love for their children, but they wouldn’t talk to their peers like that, why talk to your children in such a manner?

Bass has become rather territorial about a yellow bowl, he insists on having this bowl for his breakfast every morning and whoa betide if else uses his bowl, said bowl then has to be rewashed for his use. His quirk is annoying his siblings, doesn’t really bother me as I’ve been done this path a time or two before.

Life has certainly been different with only the Under 10s home this week. We’d forgotten how hard it is to take younger children shopping without extra older ones along to help keep children from wandering. Also needed to make time adjustments to allow extra time for preparations before heading to town.  Conversations at tea time are more juvenile too, we’ve had a few burping contests a couple of nights this week, not amused.

As much as I’m enjoying time with the younger set, I admit to missing conversations with my teens too.  Just missing them really but excited to know they are having a wonderful experience on the Pilgrimage.

Spotlight opened in our town this week! Sadly I haven’t got there yet as the children refused to go, waiting until I have babysitters home so I can have the opportunity to browse. The girls are keen to make skirts, hoping Spotlight will have a range of lovely fabrics suitable.

Would really like to track my blog traffic; how many views, how my visitors find me etc  Does anyone have any good recommendations/advice as to how to do this on blogger?

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  • Olivia

    I know, some are soooo rude. I cringe when i hear them.
    You are going to LOVE having Spotlight in town, i love that place and it loves my credit card.
    Hope you and the gang are well xxx

  • Marijke

    1. I’ve got a couple of links to sites on my blog, everything with Nourishing does what you’re after.
    Have a look at Nourishing Traditions (by Sally Fallon), a great book with a very interesting view towards food you will enjoy, with many recipes. If the library doesn’t have it, you can borrow mine.
    2. So right!
    6. It has opened, I’ve never been to a Spotlight, I might have to go for a sneaky beak.
    7. Like Karen said, blogger.com keeps track of your visitors. Where in the world and on how they found you.

  • Erin

    I'm really looking forward to visiting. Do know about Stats but I'm sure there are more detailed programs out there

    I know, I just keep thinking, "do you speak to your husband like this too?"
    All great here, been thinking about you too{{}}

    Checked them out and added some to my feedly:) Have that book, found it at an opshop:) though wish it had pictures too, I'm a visual girl.
    Better be careful, hear you enter Spotlight and exit hours later.

  • Provincial Homemaker

    Re. Point:

    1. Not Australian but I love the Beauty That Moves blog for foodie inspiration.

    2. I had a shocking experience on Friday when my 4 year old was throwing a tantrum at WW. I wouldn't buy her the particular packet of biscuits she wanted – the tantrum meant she wasn't getting anything at all and I got attacked in the check-out line by a woman because my daughter was yelling (off and on – and contained in the trolley). The woman screamed at me that my daughter needed a belting; plus a number of other insults. My response (through tears – pregnancy hormones kick in at the most awkward moments) that she was really rude and I had no intention of administering discipline in public (though I wasn't that coherent in reality:)). I must also have said (maybe shouted by this time I was pretty upset) that I was pregnant and felt really sick and this was the last thing I needed. I actually fully intended to discipline my daughter when we reached the car – but there is no way I was doing it in the middle of a shopping centre. We would normally have walked out at the start of the tantrum but it had taken me three days to get to WW in the first place and I had all my morning sickness survival items in the shopping trolley! The staff and other shoppers were really beyond lovely…lots of support ("it gets better"), flowers from the Manager and an escort to the car from one of the male shop attendants.

    3. My 2 year old will only eat out of his 'big Thomas bowl" with a particular blue spoon.

  • Erin


    You're kidding!!!{{{{}}}}} beyond belief!!!! We've all been there honey, often still there. So thrilled to hear of the support you received from the staff and fellow shoppers though!!!!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!! Lovely!!:):):)

    Will check out blog, thanks:) Bass' bowl will not be replaceable if it cracks, old English bowl from opshop (reminds me of my Nanna's bowls) sigh. Oh no a particular spoon too!

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