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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 212)

Logged onto my computer tonight to discover my number one fan PC, disappointed that I hadn’t yet written this week’s 7 Quick Takes, had hacked my drafts and written seven points for me!

#1.  I am cool and serene
#2.  I am in control of all things
#3.  I am the best person for the job at hand
#4.  Welcome to my world where I reign supreme
#5.  I get the best results from everything I do
#6.  I succeed where others would stumble and fall
#7.  Enjoy my seven extremely good takes this week

You may note PC has a theme interwoven, it’s all relating to my ahem rapid unraveling this week. I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed, my head spins round and round thinking, so much to do… where do I begin… what task do I prioritise….so many presents to organise…building projects to manage and plan for… bathtubs arriving, basins arriving, benchtops to source…Advent to plan… parties, parties…dance rehearsals…graduations…Advent to Celebrate….birthday…Wedding Anniversary…..I’ll just hyperventilate and procrastinate another day.

Christmas wishlists are the hot topic at present, lists have been printed with a column for each child to write their wishes/suggestions on.  Found Bella’s (11mths) column with a suggestion written by a sibling – mouth guard! Yep a good idea considering not only has she pushed her tooth back up the gum when she pulled a chair onto herself, but she has fallen or knocked herself three times since and made her gum bleed each time!

Baby brag: Whilst Bella has been able to drink from a glass for a couple of months now, today I handed her a glass of water, she took the glass to her lips and drank all without spilling, totally unaided!  Growing way too fast.

After reading Dressing Your Truth last week, I researched further and discovered (thanks to my cousin) John Kitchener, Personal Stylist.  DYT seems a little too boxed for me, and further information made me uncomfortable about the author, however as with many areas you can select which information you keep and discard.  As a result when clothes shopping today I looked beyond my usual and bought a couple of stripey skirts, I think they look good though a little uncertain as it’s different look for me, I felt reasonably comfortable so I think that’s a good point.

I was rather interested to read about the Tattoo artist who became a monk. The image of him riding up to the monastery on his Harley for vocations day keeps bringing a smile to my face.  Tattoos are extremely common in our country town, with a large percentage of the population sporting full body tattoos; arms, legs, heads, necks, both males and females.  Perhaps there is a vocation or two budding here.

Off to garage sales tomorrow with some of my favourite people, we’re all hoping to score big for Christmas presents, wouldn’t it be awesome if I found the bulk of the items on my list! A girl can dream can’t she:)

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  • Renee Wilson

    Oh poor Bella with those bleeding gums! We went to the beach recently and I couldn't believe how many people had sleeve tatts and massive tatts on their side. It's becoming more and more popular.

  • Bron Maxabella

    Loved PC's list (although he does sound worryingly like a self-help book).

    Well done to Bella on her cup drinking achievements. That's like climbing baby everest right there!

    Don't feel too overwhelmed and procrastinate, Erin. Then you will be too much like me and get nothing important done. Begin at the beginning, schedule in some proper breaks, set the timer in workable time slots and JUST DO IT.

    I think I mainly become overwhelmed when there is no end in sight – which I think might be your problem right now??


  • Erin

    It is indeed crazy, so much on.

    So even up North tat's are all the rage!

    PC never meant me to publish his list, it was tongue in cheek;) I offered to take it off but he said to leave it now. How's your procrastinating going? I now have an end in sight, feeling so much better

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