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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 22)

Jem is walking! only ten months old and he is walking!! Eight babies and he is the first one to walk before 12 months old. He is totally balanced, walking everywhere; rarely does he crawl at all.
Whilst I’m being a proud mama, I’ll you about last night; as we have no bath tub he sits in a plastic tub at the bottom of the shower, last night as I was adjusting the spray he walked over to the tub in the corner of the room and started dragging it towards the shower! How amazing is that? Okay I’ll stop now;)

Our boys are once again playing their homemade Lord of the Rings game for hours on end, all day and well into the night. As you can see they are outdoors and as we are in mid-winter they brave the elements in beanies, trackies and slippers of a night. Very keen. With spreadsheets and tape measures it is truly an involved game. I truly wouldn’t be surprised if one day Carpenter successfully markets one of his games.

The architect coming this morning has us all pretty excited. He measured, and listened and has gone back to translate our hopes and dreams into a detailed plan:) I’m definitely having a library!

Jelly Bean can recognise whole words, as she only turned 5 last month we’re pretty astounded. On our picture book display we have various Geography Encyclopedias and Atlases set up at present, she is picking and matching words such as; Geography, Atlas, World, Dorling Kindersley, History, first.

Princess has taken to organising in a big way. Yesterday I emerged from settling Jem for a nap to find the kitchen sparkling, clutter on the bench sorted and eliminated, and Princess in the process of re-organising my Tupperware cupboard.
She’s officially in charge of the bathroom, towels now hang like the motel towels and toothbrushes are aligned in colours.
Do you think I could hire her out?

The Mysterious Benedict Society is VERY popular here at present. Five people with one book makes for some raids. I am making very slow process as dh wants to read it of a night, but I’ve been assured it is a great read.
Michelangelo and Princess are enjoying Pendiwicks on Gardam Street. They really make us laugh, we read the first last term and the sequel is just as good. This family of four girls are hilarious.

Remember the exciting family news I mentioned weeks back? Well I shall be revealing all in my next post. Stay tuned tomorrow;)

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  • Aussie Therese

    Now I will have to remember to check your blog first thing tomorrow morning. I have a couple of hunches what it may be about but I just keep them to myself until tomorrow.

    I would love to have princess for a week. She can organise all my kitchen cupboards. Would I have to pay her air fare because I don't think dh would allow me to pay that much for our kitchen to be organised.

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