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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 40)

Wednesday we took our five oldest to Wet and Wild Water World(Theme Park).
A ‘thank you’ for all their hard work with the milling, and a combination birthday party for Koala’s 16th and Einstein’s 13th. They each invited a couple of friends so we had quite a crowd:) This was the first time I have been to a theme park since I was 16, I shall confess to finding some of the rides terrifying! When they have names such as Black Hole, Tornado and Kamikaze they are bound to be terrifying. However I was brave and adventurous, and went on all the rides(bar one) and provided my husband with much amusement at my saucer-like eyes. All round a special day sharing in the fun with our children and their friends. Best of all PC and I spent the whole day holding hands:)

Counting down to… Easter Wednesday I shall start carrying the hundred boxes of books out of the shipping container. Then I begin sorting, culling and organising just how I want to set up our library:):)

We undertake our big clean for Easter in Holy Week. I’m busy writing up lists such as; wash windows, wash screens, de-cobweb, wash walls etc. The children are sooo eager to begin;) lol.

I’m afraid one of my Lenten promises has been consistently broken. Obviously I need to try harder. Well Lent is not over yet.

I have lost 3 kgs (6.61lb) over Lent however:) No breads, little flour and sugar is my approach.

Michelangelo is loving the Battle Boy Series by Charlie Carter.
Aimed at the emerging reader following the adventures of Napoleon Augustus Smythe (11yrs) who travels back in time. Each book takes Napoleon to a different famous battle. He is recruited to be a spy, to collect Human Data and solve mysteries such as, “Who shot down the Red Baron?’
Action packed, very appealing to boy readers. Many thanks to Anne for her ‘thumbs up.’

I am really looking forward to a Holy Week of silence.

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