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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 55)

Jem is into pouring milk at present, he can successfully pour when the bottle is a quarter full, otherwise we have disasters.
I’m sure you can imagine my quick reaction when I discovered him with a full bottle of milk, about to pour into a cup, when said cup was sitting inside my slipper!

I have been driving for 21 years now.  Last Saturday night was the first time I have ever been pulled over for a breathalyzer test.  I have to admit I was pretty chuffed, I bounced up and down in my seat and told the Police Officer it was rather exciting, my first time at being tested.  He drawled it was actually rather boring.  Well I admit it was an anti-climax I just had to count to ten, no bag blowing. 

Michelangelo is our more engineering minded child.  He has spent the last couple of days reassembling and repairing bikes from the cast offs.  He has drawn plans of a rather cleverly designed billy-cart, only draw back is he can’t yet weld.  Still I told him if his plans were well thought out I knew Dad would help.

I had a conversation in the shoe shop yesterday which has me pondering about word inflection. I introduced myself to another customer at the service desk commenting I was sure we had met as some stage, soccer perhaps? She replied that soccer, hockey, netball, cricket, her children played them all. Conversation continues and shop manager and I joke about dropping children off and not watching every game.  Sporting Mum replies horrified, “How could you not watch them.”  Well shop manager and I are feeling a little attacked here, obviously we are not up for “Good Mum of the Year” in Sporting Mum’s eyes.  I edge myself out of the shop mumbling, “Oh I’m sometimes watching another child and besides I’ve a soccer mum for ten years.”  Sporting Mum replies, “I have two children, I watch both, my children have been playing for ten years, how could you not watch all their games?”

Well I drove home thinking about word inflections, the word “you” in that context was definetly meant as a judgement.  Now if Sporting Mum had said, “I”  “I like to watch all their games.” It was a personal opinion, “you” was a judgement.
Not that I was bothered by Sporting Mum’s opinion, my skin is thicker these days.

Has anyone else noticed a big social engineering push going on these days? I’m a fiction reader, I’m regularly trialing new authors from the library.  I work my way through the library shelves searching for mysteries that sound interesting and not too ahem, spicy.  Three I began last week and discovered each had a homosexual couple, close family members of the main character.  Folks there is a big push to normalize all this, and the introduction into literature in a casual manner is a good ploy.

I’ve just changed my settings in blogger to the new editing feature.  I used it for the first time with a post last night.  It reminds me of working in google sites, makes far more sense.

I’m rather exasperated at present with some poor habits in our household.  However I’ve been giving role-modeling some serious thoughts, and well ahem I think I have to admit that it may all begin with me.

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