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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 58)

I unpacked my maternity clothes this week, I always put this stage off as long as possible, to my surprise I found a few nice outfits packed away.

I finally made my doctors’ appointments too, one with the GP to receive a referral for the obstetrician. Both in a couple of weeks time.

PC has discovered Termites in the shed. The Pest Control have warned us this could end up costing us thousands to treat.  We’ll know more when they visit.

Jem is such a determined helper, this week I cracked several eggs into the zucchini fritters, turned to attend to another matter and then discovered he has retrieved an egg from the fridge and added another egg to the bowl rather successfully.


Motivated by our dietary changes, the younger children and I spent a happy morning re-claiming the garden.  All beds are ready and waiting for the planting of vegetables seeds, our wish list keeps growing.

Last night we watched ‘Stormbreaker’ with some of the children.  I’m now motivated to finally read Carpenter’s Alex Rider books.

I spent a happy couple of days this week tidying up our library, I even started placing labels on the bookshelves for each different collection.  Unfortunately I have now run out of label tape.
Yesterday my new bar code scanner arrived!  Today the children and I spent a happy few hours entering books into my database:)  Yes I do know I’m a little strange, I don’t care:)

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