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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 84)

Carpenter passed his driver’s test yesterday and now has his Learner’s Permit.  He was so thrilled he was beaming:) a milestone, sharing precious moments:)
Discussions of our proposed family holiday have been under way.   When mention was made of visiting a dinosaur dig a couple of the boys were extremely excited.  We were expecting a reaction from the older boys but Jack Jacks’ enthusiasm has taken us by surprise.

When Carpenter was the same age he was fascinated by dinosaurs, judging by his reaction to the dig he hasn’t lost interest.  Back then we gathered a great collection of books and now I’m revisting them with Jack Jack.  A very familar place to be, I’m really enjoying this time, which is kind of odd as dinosaurs don’t really interest me. However I’m enjoying this time with Jack Jack sharing in his new found passion:)  Revisiting a time that I enjoyed with our oldest son. Precious time, building memories, seeing dinosaurs with fresh eyes.

Jem is so literal at times he makes me laugh.  He will come to me when I’m feeding Bass and ask for help to dress.  I answer, “I can’t I haven’t got two hands.” (I’m not literal;)  He answers, “Yes you do.” and walks around me touching both hands and assuring me I do.  I really should answer, “I haven’t got two hands free.” but Jem’s response is rather cute.

Actually all our children are rather literal, they take after PC there.  Last week the teens and I were editing sentences and they disagreed strongly with the author.  Much time were spent refuting the authors supposition, they argued that it was not a logical conclusion to draw, they did succeed in convincing me. Reading The Fallacy Detective only contributes to their analytical minds.

Barb’s post has me reflecting,

But after all my reflecting and meditating about Graduation (yes, a capital G), my husband and I decided that the intangibles were more important than anything else as far as deciding if a child is ready to graduate. The qualities and attitudes of the child in the end seem more important than any grade or score we have recorded in Homeschool Tracker. This is something to remember when I get caught up in particulars of texts and courses.
I’ve been thinking alot about this as we are only months from this stage too. Stay tuned because I’m planning on sharing my conclusions with you.


My dear friend‘s incredible photography has inspired me to take up a new hobby.  My bedside table holds several volumes of photographic tomes, reserved in the hope that I may learn a few tips.

Whenever PC and I are needing to discern if a movie is suitable for the children or not, our ‘port of call’ is IMDB.  The Parents Guide has a Content Advisory for each movie.  This lists any possible areas of concern.  swearing, adult themes, violence etc all are listed with the amount of times times it occurs, Totally invaluable in helping us make an informed choice.

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  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Congratulations to Carpeneter! YOu have just had one pass through the "L's" stage, now the next!

    Lovely comments on my photography, thank you …. I'm pleased to have been an inspiration to you Erin. I've never read any photography books myself, although I have a couple out from the library now….gathering dust.

  • Erin

    I can't believe I am here again! Years to go! The blog you sent me to rec reading a book and then breaking all the rules:)

    will do:)

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