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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 88)

Term 3 resumes on Monday.  Our lesson plans only really need a tweak here and there, however my mind is full of home education philosophy.  How do I ‘marry’ Natural Learning with Charlotte Mason?  How do I ensure our children have a solid grasp of the basics and yet thirst for knowledge? Any advice?

As I plan the next couple of months I once again re-visit the question of how to best to meet the needs of our younger ones. Jack Jack in particular is ready to move to a new level in his learning.  Then again our highschoolers need to be carefully considered too.

Our children often surprise us with their choice of vocabulary.  Jem 2, was explaining how he ran crying through the house in the wee hours of the morning (he didn’t know how to turn the doorknob on our new door).  
“I ran back and forth, back and forth!”

Are our children the only ones who cheerily greet their mailbox!?  Voices call out, “Hello Chomper!” as we turn off the main road onto our dirt track, passing by our mailbox.

We have a major change in our life beginning next week, one that will have an impact across many areas of our family dynamics.  Stay tuned as I’m planning to find time to update over the weekend.

I have just re-read Rilla of Ingleside for the first time in twenty five years. I couldn’t bear to re-read it before now, back when I was a teen I was simply devastated, and cried for days when Walter died. True, I did cry again this time, but not for quite as long.

You may have noticed the ‘Aussie Bloggers’ list on my sidebar, shared there as I discover a number of new blogs.  I’m really enjoying reading Aussie Mummy blogs, enjoying their thought provoking posts, they have a unique and distinctly Australian voice. I’ve even found a few rural mummy blogs too.  Anyone want to recommend other Aussie blogs?

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  • Marilyn

    Other Aussie blogs? There's mine 🙂
    I've got two going at the moment.

    You've got me trying to remember if I've read Rilla of Ingleside.
    Last week I read Seven Little Australians for the first time.

    I was shocked and sad the whole of the next day about Judy's death. Special books are much more than just books aren't they?

    After that I googled the book and came across your blog!

  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    I am right with you in your wonderings concerning learning styles and ages of learning. Tell me…what do you mean by "Natural Learning" though…as I thought Charlotte Mason and Natural Learning were virtually the same.

    I LOVE #4. Your kids are SO funny!

    And you've hooked me for #5. I'll keep checking back to find your update.

    Must try to find the Rilla book.

    And, I have said MANY times over in our house: I LOVE AUSTRALIAN MOTHERS! Truly, every time I find a blog that I absolutely LOVE…it ends up being an "Aussie" blog. My husband will tell you that I have even spoken words aloud about MOVING to Australia as you are all such an inspiration and delight to me!

  • The Editrix

    Oh, Erin! I cried for hours over Rilla of Ingleside, too! I don't think I've ever cried so much over any other book! It's still my favourite in the Anne series. 🙂

  • Erin

    Leanne, Judy and CCC,

    Did you have any idea what I was going to post?

    Judith's death upset me terribly too!! Was years before I could read that book too. so pleased you found me and thanks for showing me the way to you.

    Natural learning = unschooling.
    so touched you love Aussie mums. Well you'll have to come for a visit, we have a bed (and more) for you{}

    it is a challenge, some days more than others.

    my favourite of the Anne books is Rainbow Valley. which is where I got the love of the name 'Jem.'

    Welcome:) love finding someone else who is building:)

  • Anonymous

    Erin Hi I have been reading your blog for awhile.I lived in AU back then & have returned again, due to my DHs job. My first book about AU was 7LA, a gift from my MIL. Such a great book-the family dynamics, cheek,love & courage. For this American it encapsulates our experience of AU. I just found & read The Family at Misrule, very good also.

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