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7 Quick Takes Friday

We are drawing to the close of soccer season with this weekend being the second last round of games. Although chances are Einstein’s team will make it to the finals. Our oldest two have both refereed as well as played this season which has added another dimension. Truthfully I’m ready for the season’s conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, soccer has been a blessing in many ways for our family over the last nine years but by this time of the year I am tired.

We have decided on plans for Koala’s 16th party location. Let’s just say she is literally jumping out of her skin and is sooo excited. I’m not too sure her guests will be though;)

A fence post was dug out of this hole this week and a pipe burst; just perfect for a mud bath

or to trap your brother.

Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series is our currently doing the rounds around the family ‘reading circle’ this week. I have to admit I’m not actually recommending them, certainly if you are not comfortable with lots of Greek gods then this series is not for your family. Interesting, but I guess twaddle really, anyhow I’m trying to broaden my horizons a little.

We started preparations for the extensions this week. PC and the children pulled down the side fence and started re-building across the paddock. The boys continued digging post holes and lifting out posts throughout the week whilst PC has been at work. They occasionally ring him at work with a question and continue on. We’re so proud of them:)

PC has been working in our local town this week and not the next one over. It has been lovely having him home earlier of an evening. To know he is not traveling on the highway always makes me happier too,

We are due to do our monthly shop this week. Four years of shopping this way and I still love it. Well I love that I only have to shop 12 times a year, not actually shopping;)

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