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7 Quick Takes (Vol 54)

We had an interesting discussion at our table the other night that illustrates if you use rich words your children will absorb.
Princess(8) asked to be excused early as she was ‘choreographing a ballet performance’. I said, “No”
Michelangelo(11) then says to her, “So ‘Princess’ how was your day.” She replies, “Good”.
“Good!” he yelps. “Good is a nebulous word!”

Why do they know the meaning of nebulous? Because I just don’t allow these non words to be spoken, and to write them is even worse! Words such as ; good, nice, ‘like’, thing, heaps and stuff just set my teeth grinding.

Following Jen’s enthusiasm for Spelling Wisdom I purchased the program and couldn’t be happier!
These books are far more incredible than I realised, the number of exercises and the quality of language!
For so long I thought, “I can just use good literature, we have plenty about.” And it’s true I can, and did, but…This program has deliberately been designed to cover the 6000 most commonly used words, with six students it is so convenient for me, and they will extend my children far more than I did. Obviously I haven’t been expecting enough. I’m very excited! My ds15 can now spell ‘eloquence’!

Koala is in a Scrabble craze at present. When she can’t find any players she has even being playing on the computer.

If you are looking for thought provoking blog posts head over to Musing of a Young Mom. Young Mom comes from a strong Fundy background and is on an amazing Faith journey. I think long and hard about many of her posts.

Princess is interested in all things Native American at present. We have purchased several new books, (post to come) and she is enjoying various crafts. Today she made a headdress complete with chook feathers. “Don’t worry Mum I washed them in hot water.”

The world of children; my younger ones have been wanting a set of knuckles, they decided to make their own from cow’s teeth!! Yep, they hiked down to the bush, pulled apart a cow’s skull and are playing ‘knuckles’ with cow’s teeth. I first found them soaking in my bathroom basin. I must admit they are rather disgusting looking!

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