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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 67)

Please continue to keep our Nation in your prayers as we wait for the final death toll, for flood waters to recede, as we begin the long process of recovering. Jeanne explains it well;

Right now, there are flood warnings in four Australian States.
75% of the State of Queensland is under water. That’s an area twice the size of Texas, four times the size of Japan, and six times the size of the UK. 15 people are dead and another 61 are missing. 100,000 homes in the State Capital, Brisbane, are without power. 26,000 homes are affected by the water and another 5000 businesses.12, 000 homes are completely flooded – up to their roofs. Whole towns are being evacuated.

*I breathe a sigh of relief and happiness to read that fellow blogger and house builder, A-Ms apartment was spared, by 2cm!


PC has been ‘experimenting’ with Petrol;) Intrigued??  Rather than buying the cheap e-10 (unleaded ethanol) he has been purchasing the premium petrol.  In our smaller cars (Holden Barina and Suzuki Chino) he has been getting over 100km more!!  It makes little difference in a bigger vehicle though.

Last Sunday PC had a traumatic shock;)  As we were getting ready for Church Carpenter informed me he no longer fit into his shirts.  He has jumped a couple of sizes and now needs an XL, like his father he has broad shoulders.  PC became rather possessive of his shirts, imagining his son raiding his wardrobe.  Carpenter rather drolly assured his father he didn’t necessarily want to to wear his father’s clothing.

I’ve spent a large part of this week planning the upcoming school year’s lessons for seven children.  Frankly I’m exhausted.  However by trial and error I have discovered we accomplish far more in the years I am well organised than the years I am not.  It is hard, I used to be a ‘fly by the seat of your pants gal’ but with older students and more children I just can’t any longer.  If any of my readers are really keen to see the working logistics, drop me an email and I’ll send you the link to my learning notes blog.  aussiethreads@gmail.com

As Koala enters Grade 12, this will be her last year of studying with us and Carpenter is truly not far behind.  Our older two have been talking work experience opportunities, university and career options.  Where have the years flown? 

We’re still waiting rather impatiently for the cookbooks I ordered. We have slowly begun to enjoy a few almond flour recipes and the children are longing for a good old meat pie.  If I can find a good pie crust recipe I’ll buy a pie maker and they’ll be happy:)

The children have been enjoying their annual holiday tradition, DVD week.  We hired 7 DVDs and they have been watching them over and over.  (They’re like that, they re-read books too).  It worked well as it has been raining continuously, however the sun is now shining, the DVDs go back soon and Mum will ‘pull the plug’ and lock the door to the computer room.  I can’t wait!!

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  • Angel

    Oh, you will LOVE the gluten-free almond flour cookbook. I just got a copy the other day and it is wonderful. Not just recipes for baked goods with almond flour, but also fish sticks, black bean burgers, and salmon burgers. I plan on trying many this week!

    (I made a variation of her pancakes using almond flour once and hazelnut flour the next time. The hazelnut flour was especially yummy, even better with a big scoop of blueberries in the batter. I used honey instead of agave nectar as sweetener, though.)

    Hope you're staying dry!!

  • Kathleen@so much to say

    Thank you for sharing the perspective on the scope of the disaster. We know it's going on, but the shooting in Tucson has overshadowed it on the news here. I'm grateful for the reminder that others are suffering in the world. :/

  • Erin


    the book has arrived and I do love it:) I was planning on using honey too.

    Elizabeth and Kathleen,
    Welcome to my blog:)
    Some children do take gap years, we are encouraging out daughter to do so.

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