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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Teenager

Joining in the Homeschool High School carnival hosted this month by Theresa over at Lapz Home Learning.

The following is a glimpse of  ‘A Day in Our Life’, this ‘day’ I focused only on our teens, and in particular their academic pursuits.  Randomly I selected a Thursday to record, was it a typical day?  In some respects yes and yet not.  This year Einstein(16) spends the majority of his studies focusing on his Open Uni Course, although on the day selected he elected to spend all of his study time on his Open Uni, other days he alternates between his subjects,  which have been pared down to allow for his new workload.  Was it a typical day for Michelangelo(13)?  Not really, he played alot with his siblings which doesn’t always happen, and and he even joined the younger ones for a lesson, which was unusual.  Other days he may join Einstein and Princess for a writing lesson but not the youngest ones, and a typical day for Michelangelo normally includes far more reading and academic work.  Yet this day is valid in that it reflects the ebbs and flows of our life, no two days are ever identical, it is by observing a week, a term, a year (and longer) that we gain a much clearer picture of what a home education lifestyle ‘looks like.’

7:30AM Einstein and Michelangelo arise for breakfast.

8:10AM We gather for prayers.

8:30AM Einstein begins his Open Uni Maths- Trigonometry and Algebra.
Michelangelo works on dictation, with Princess(11) dictating to him, whilst I work with a sibling.

9:00AM Einstein continues with Algebra/Trigonometry.  This maths course has been a huge jump for Einstein, he has gone from completing Grade 10 maths straight to University maths, we’re rather impressed with how he has coped, but it does mean he has to do extra study with each new concept.

Michelangelo decides to join us for ‘Handwriting Boot Camp’  a new implementation this term.  Sadly most of our boys have really struggled with handwriting, so I have instituted ‘boot camp’ in the hope of addressing the issue in some cases and ‘nipping in the bud’ in other.

10:00AM Einstein is still working on his Algebra/Trig course
Boot camp concludes and Michelangelo begins his second dictation lesson with me. Two lessons in one day is not the ideal way to study but the truth is it often occurs this way.

10:45AM Einstein heads outside for a break, jumping on the trampoline, his favourite relaxation.  Michelangelo heads out to play with younger siblings on their climbing rope, turned hammock

11:30AM Boys pop a batch of popcorn and listen in as I read to the younger children.

12:00PM Boys have drifted off, Einstein is back working on his maths, his big effort is motivated by an  assignment and exams due.
Michelangelo reads his Faith novel, St Ignatius Loyola, he climbs into bed to read.

12:45PM Michelangelo is outside playing with siblings again.

1:15PM Lunch time for Michelangelo and younger children

1:30PM Einstein is still studying (Maths)
Michelangelo is reading a Biggles book.

2:00PM Einstein breaks for the day.
Michelangelo’s (and 4 other children’s) hair is cut (by me)
Einstein jumping on trampoline again

3:00PM Clean up time.  Each child has ‘area jobs’ and ‘kitchen jobs’ they are responsible for.

3:30PM Computer Free Time, the boys set up a network Minecraft game .

4:00PM Einstein cooks tea whilst computer time continues.

6:00PM Tea time, then clean up.

7:00PM Michelangelo reads to Jem, successfully putting him to sleep. Impressive!

7:30PM Boys watch Stargate with Dad and siblings.

10:00PM Bedtime, Einstein sleeps but Michelangelo reads St Ignatius Loyola again for a while.

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  • Carol

    Hi Erin,
    I clicked on your post re Carrots for Michalmas (via google reader) but it comes back to this one. Lots of maths going on at your place!

  • Ingi Mc

    So good to see a teenagers day (apart from my own!) – so many homeschool blogs are primary aged kids.

    I can see some similarities between Einstein and Video Boy – I'm hoping in the next year or two he'll be ready for Open Uni (currently working through Khan Academy) and he LOVES the trampoline too – great relaxation!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Valerie

    I believe I missed the cutoff for the carnival, but I agree with what Ingi states above…so many blogs seem to be geared toward parents of younger children.

    BTW, I came via the Ultimate Homeschool Blogroll and not the carnival…I had forgotten about the carnival until I came across your post! 🙂 Sounds like things are going well.

  • Erin

    Wrote a post for you, hope it explains all, do ask if you have more questions

    The links are working now, are they for you?

    Ingi and Valerie
    I do know what you mean which is partially why I'm determined to make sure I blog about the older ones too and why we started the carnival.

    I did invite you to join us didn't I? If not, how remiss, blush, please feel free to join in any carnivals. Einstein is on the trampoline often! I'm certain VB will soar with Open Uni. I've been ringing uni's trying to make sure we dot all our i's, exhausting.

    Didn't even know I'm on an Ultimate blogroll, what an honour! will check it out. So good to see you:) feels like it's been ages since we've caught up.

  • Theresa Novak

    Do you still have bedtime for your teens? That is something we tend to struggle with. My oldest is 13.

    I like that each of your kids has a "job" or "area" to clean up.

  • Willa

    Your highschoolers' day sounds like a nice balance between relaxed and rigorous. We don't have a trampoline, but my high schooler sprints for a few minutes between things and it probably has a similar effect.

  • Carol

    Thanks Erin, the link is fine. Good article. The Billing's book is very useful in getting to know your body. Fertilty can be taken for granted. One day I'll write about my childbearing saga!

  • Erin

    Not really, except we try instill in them good habits and it is best to be in bed by 10.30pm.

    I should suggest sprinting, I think they'd like that. Yes, I'm pretty happy with their blend.

    I'll be interested to hear your story!

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