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A Week With Mem Fox

This  week during our Book & Activity time we focused on our collection of Mem Fox titles. Mem Fox’s books do not naturally attract me but as I’ve shared  previously, watching our children, particularly our emerging readers engage with her books has helped me develop a new appreciation of her writing.

The first day we read Where is the Green Sheep?, Arabella the Smallest Girl in the World and The Magic Hat.  Making a ‘Magic Hat’ was a huge hit!

The attention to detail and creativity was wonderful to watch, the children were so enthused!  Our Book & Activity time has become a treasured time each day (or rather every second day).


On our second day we read Shoes from Grandpa, Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild and Time for Bed.  The sheep in Time for Bed inspired our sheep craft.

Princess and Jack Jack insisted on a variation, adding toilet roll legs as they wanted a 3D sheep

Jem and Jelly Bean were quite happy with their 2D creations.

Our final day we read Boo to a Goose and Hattie and the Fox and then created a collage of Hattie.

As I enjoyed this time with our children this week I realised that not only are they enjoying literature and creativity and honing fine motor skills such as scissor work, most importantly in the words of my friend Gae, “it is the fun activities the children remember and one of my goals as a mama is to make memories with my children.”  We are creating memories.

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