Welcome:) We are an Australian Catholic family of fourteen. I am Erin and I’m blessed to live the life I always dreamed of, I married my Prince Charming(PC), yes your dreams can come true! And we have been blessed with ten plus two children whom we are totally besotted with, our oldest is twenty-nine and our youngest is nine.

We are living our dream life home educating our children on a large rural property. Our children have always been home educated and our first six have already graduated.

Our children live a rural lifestyle; swimming in the dam, driving the paddock basher, building tree houses and exploring the bush.

We have been owner building for the past thirteen years, and likely will be for another few years.  We have all learnt alot of skills along the way and are pretty confident to tackle anything, at least Prince Charming is.


I am passionate about books, home education, my family and my Catholic Faith.  I share all those interests and more here, you will also find posts where I share our owner building adventures, our enjoyment of rural life, my developing photography interest, occasional forays into home making projects and ideas on home organisation.

You can also find quick snippets over on Instagram.

You will find references throughout my posts to my husband and children.  To help you keep ‘the cast’ clear in your mind, introducing;
PC – Prince Charming
Anna Maria  – 29 (formerly Koala)
Carpenter – 27
Rose – 30 (Carpenter’s wife)
Einstein – 25
Sunflower – 27 (Einstein’s wife)
Michelangelo – 23
Princess – 21
Jelly Bean – 18
Jack Jack – 16
Jem – 14
Bass – 12
Bella – 9

May you find something to inspire, help or interest you in these pages.  Do feel free to drop me a line, comments and emails always make my day:)

God Bless

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  • Olivia

    Wow, you and PC are VERY blessed.
    I stumbled across you today and your family story is refreshing and beautiful. My hubby was homeschooled in country Victoria (they did it through Seton, an America program)
    I look forward to reading more
    Liv x

  • MB

    I am so excited to find another Australian Christian blogger! While it's nice having a global perspective it's great hearing from other Christians a little closer to home.

    You have a beautiful family 🙂 God bless!

  • Xcrusader

    Hi Erin,

    Your Mom Willow on Ecatholichat, referred me to this page. You are a very good interesting writer. And I am happy to see a large, happy Catholic Family.

    God bless

    Tom ZA aka Tom from South Africa