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Africa – Book Finds

Several weeks ago we had a brief ‘sojourn’ in Africa. Thought I’d share some titles. I have added them over at Aussie Book Threads.
Picture Books

Enormous Elephant – Mwenye Hadithi & Adrienne Kennaway
In the days before the Big Rains many of the animals looked very different.  This story tells how Enormous Elephant’s trunk was stretched. The children enjoyed this one.

A Mam for Owen – Marian Dane Bauer
Owen the baby hippo and his mama were best friends.  That was before the tsunami(2004) came. Owen is adopted by a tortoise.  A true story, I was near tears.  Beautiful pictures, moving text. Highly recommend.

Catch that Goat- Polly Alakija A market day in Nigeria. Ayoka has been left in charge of the family goat, it vanishes and causes trouble amongst the stalls. Bright pictures, simple text.

Elephant Crossing – Toshi Yoshida
Eleven elephants gather to form a herd.  Informative about herd life. Probably not our favourite

Home Now – Lesley Beake
“This is your home now,” everyone tells Sieta, but Sieta can’t help
feeling sad when she thinks back to her previous home over the
mountains, before her mother and father died of illness(AIDS) and she came to
live with Aunty… that is, until she meets the baby elephant Satara.

The Warrior and the Moon Spirit of the Masasai – Nick Would Five stories of mystery and enchantment of the Maasai people,  illustrated by watercolours. Detailed stories.

Can You Hear the Sea? – Judy Cumberbatch
When Sarah’s grandfather goes off for a few days he leaves her with a
gift of a shell, which he says she can hear the sea in. Every day he is
away, Sarah listens and listens, but all she hears are the regular
sounds of her life with her grandmother in the small village in which
they live.  Bright, bold pictures.


Face to Face with Lions – Beverly and Dereck Joubert

The couple have spent more than 25 years in Africa studying, filming and photographing lions and other animals.  Living book text outstanding photography.

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