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An Unimpeded View

ext k wall 1

The weekend before last we began the next phase of our kitchen renovations. After impatiently patiently waiting for weeks our windows finally arrived. ext k wall 2
ext k wall 3

Before installing the windows, the external walls of the kitchen needed to be removed so new wall frames to include the windows could be built.
ext k wall 5

ext k wall 6

Stripping walls back to their studs in our ‘old’ house is always illuminating and is guaranteed to bring forth plenty of comments about old building code practices and dodgy workmanship, the ‘enthusiasm’ is sufficient enough that even the younger children are conversant in head shaking and mutterings about framing and studs or their lack thereof. Take the window above, no supporting beam, the window sag is now explained.

ext k wall 7 ext k wall 8 ext k wall 9

Attention then moved to the back wall, firstly to the removal of the gyprock, job satisfaction is a high priority.

ext k wall 10 ext k wall 11 ext k wall 12

Then we dismantled and removed all of the framing. Also the bearer at the corner had to be lifted as the floor wasn’t level. These are the sort of tasks that are common but time consuming when working with old houses.

kf wall b


Thus we were left with these views for the next week. Thankfully our winter cold snap had passed and we experienced a warmish week. Initially we joked about leaving the ‘walls’ as is, with an unimpeded view of the bush, but as the week wore on and our battle raged with the chooks (chickens), birds and possum continually gaining entrance we were in a rush for walls to go up.


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