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‘And The Wall Came Tumblin’ Down’

K wall 1

I haven’t chatted building here for awhile but be assured that progress is happening. We’ve turned our attention to a major project, building our new kitchen.  Just imagine me beaming here 🙂

K wall 2

Part of the new kitchen plan is to change from a boxy room layout to an open living plan. Hence six weeks ago this wall came down

K wall 4

and what a filthy job it was.

K wall 3


K wall 7

Once again it was time to ‘marshall the troops’ to assist in gutting the internals

K wall 9

K wall 10

K wall 11

Isn’t it every lads dream to be able to saw, knock down and kick out their walls?

K wall 12

K wall 14

K wall 13

Always surprising at how long it takes to dismantle a room and what filth is to be found under decades old lining.

K wall 16

It’s astonishing at how removing just one wall has changed not only the look of the kitchen but the dynamics of our family. Our kitchen is now a gathering place, my desire for so long but not our reality, removing the wall has enabled that dream to happen.

This picture is taken from the same location as the first picture.

K wall 15

Simulating our new kitchen layout has enabled us to make some final decisions, answer uncertainties and highlight areas that needed adjusting. We highly recommend anyone to live with a ‘model’ if you can whilst making decisions, it’s been incredibly helpful.

Can’t wait to move onto the next step, we’re already excited with the openess and the light and it’s only going to get better.

Stay tuned more building progress reports to come 🙂


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    • Erin

      It’s all happening here 🙂 and certainly having you out for a cuppa as soon as. Hopefully done by end of September.

  • PC

    Between your response to Marijke of ‘end of September’ and Karen ‘Mid September’ I seem to have lost 2 weeks of building opportunity.

    I’m partial to Karen’s ‘by Christmas’. Who needs hot water, running water, oven, stove for 5 months with 10 to feed anyway? Pizza anyone.

    • Erin

      You lost two weeks of building because in the meantime of answering both I rang the various tradesmen to line them up and it all began to gel nicely. Before I was giving a wide margin of time loss, now I’m getting carried away and cutting it fine 😉

      I for one am dreaming of hot water again, it’s already been ten months, no more boiling the jug to wash up, just imagine, bliss. It’s also been that long without a real oven, just think of all the meals we’ll be able to enjoy again. Yep mid September sounds good, get crackin’ 😉

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