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Art Lessons Via Youtube

Drawing is hugely popular with the children at present.  Yesterday we were totally amazed with Jack Jack’s(7) drawing of Princess Anna (Frozen)

Jelly Bean’s(9) drawing of Olaf (Frozen) is pretty cool too;) as are the following three drawings of hers. 

Art and craft is not a strength area of mine. For years I’ve been eaten up with ‘mummy guilt’ over what I wasn’t teaching, what we weren’t achieving. 

Foolishly I even spent time comparing myself to friends who are gifted in more traditional creative areas. Finally I developed an acceptance of myself, appreciated my different talents and stopped comparing myself to others.

Fortunately though this doesn’t mean our children miss out on creative opportunities.  Thanks to our ‘recent discovery’ of youtubes art lessons are now a regular part of our education journey. 

It’s simply a matter of typing ‘youtube kids drawing’ and many lessons are offered.  In an endeavour to expose the children to different mediums, some days we search for ‘kids pastel’ or ‘oil pastels’ etc. The quantity and quality of lessons available is astounding.

Even Jem (5) has caught the drawing bug, his drawings this week’s included a cow and a mermaid.  
“Oh youtube ‘where art thou’ been all my life?”
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