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Aussie NBTS – A Day in Our Life

Our Worldwide Classroom Wrapping up our Not Back to School Blog Hop by sharing a Day In Our Life.  No day in our life is identical, although they generally have a similar rhythm, some afternoons  may include sport, some days run as expected and some become ‘derailed’.  When I selected Thursday(March 1st) as ‘the day’, I was aiming for a more ‘typical’ day, which it was, although it did have a surprise ending.

6:30AM  I wake up later than usual.  Jack Jack wanders in and wants to chat about his dream, Princess comes in and plays with Bass.  A relaxing beginning to the day, chatting and enjoying the children.

7:00AM  Baking muffins and juicing vegetables and fruit for breakfast.  The muffins are the best yet!

8:00AM  PC and Carpenter leave for work.  Carpenter is working the lunch shift today, he takes his maths, Faith and literature books to town.  He will study before and after his shift.
Finally breakfast is finished and we begin a quick clean up, the girls put their washing on. I make a quick call to my brother.

8:30AM  We gather together for prayers, then begin formal lessons.
Einstein heads to the study to begin maths.
Michelangelo, Jelly Bean and Jack Jack work on their maths. Michelangelo is studying fractions, Jelly Bean weight and Jack Jack counting in the 30s.
Jem is offered colouring in but he decides to play with Bass.
Princess completes a Dictation exercise with me.
Michelangelo decides he will do some revision with Dad.
I feed Bass and he goes down for his morning sleep.

9:00AM Michelangelo works on copywork in his bedroom.
Einstein continues his maths.
Jelly Bean has become rather interested in weighing and continues to weigh a variety of objects.

Princess potters about, she completed a huge amount of work the day before and needs me for her remaining work.
Jack Jack, Jem and I cuddle up on the lounge together.  Jack Jack reads to me, he is progressing rapidly.

9:15AM  Jack Jack works on handwriting, Princess supervises starting position and also snaps some photos for this post.
Jem is playing nearby with my camera!  Not a good idea.
Jelly Bean reads to me, she is enjoying a large print book of fairy tales.
I throw a load of towels on, and recharge the camera batteries, the batteries always die when I need them.
Jem now plays with the pieces of the Garden of the Good Shepherd, I’m keeping an eye on him (and the pieces), Jack Jack completes his copywork and joins him.
Princess reads ‘Rapunzel’ to Jelly Bean.

9:40AM Princess, Jelly Bean and Jack Jack listen to a large number of illustrated Australian poetry books.  Favourites such as Mulga Bill’s Bicycle, The Bush Christening and The Man from Ironbark.
Jem is close by listening.

10:10AM  Princess goes to the library to continue reading the Caroline years (Little House books.)
Bass wakes up he plays happily on the floor with Jem.
Jelly Bean works on her copywork as I read Bible stories to Jack Jack.  Jelly Bean finishes her copywork and joins us.  Both listen keenly and are eager to narrate (orally).
Einstein has been working on his maths for the last couple of hours with a stretch break or two.  He is keen to make big progress.
Michelangelo has finished an impressive amount of copywork and is reading Star Wars.
Princess plays on the piano, she is rather keen at present and is teaching herself. She then begins a sword fight with Jem.  (Carpenter bought home a bundle of swords the night before.)
Jelly Bean and Jack Jack finish their Faith stories and join in the sword fight.

10:40AM Michelangelo plays the piano, he then writes a history narration.
Jem plays with the Garden of the Good Shepherd again.
Einstein is still working on his maths, Princess is once again reading the Caroline years.
I read a pile of picture books to Jelly Bean, Jack Jack and Jem.  It is developing into a day focusing on the little ones, ‘catching up’ on the preceding days.

11:10AM Jack Jack goes off to play.  Jem plays with a jigsaw on the floor, Bass ‘helps’ him.  I throw another load into the washing machine.
Einstein, Michelangelo and Princess gather for a spelling lesson. Jelly Bean and Jack Jack listen in.

11:45AM  Einstein heads back to his maths.  A huge effort in one day, not sure it is the most productive way to do it.
Jem is working on the jigsaw again.
Jelly Bean is drawing spatial drawings, then she wanders off for a play.
I work with Michelangelo and Princess on their geography.  We focus on mapwork (note to self, print maps out prior to the start of day)
Princess is in tears, the task is a little overwhelming, I sit with her and scribe.

The younger ones are playing nearby in the loungeroom, I can see Bass with muffins, he is making a huge mess (I’ll deal with that later).  Noisy play is in progress.

12:15PM  Michelangelo finishes his mapwork and leads a charge outside to the trampoline followed by Jelly Bean, Jack Jack and Jem.  They turn the hose on, it is so hot.
I continue working with Princess.
The phone rings, Princess answers, it is a friend, I relay I’ll ring back.
Princess finishes and heads outside to join in the waterfun.
Jem comes in wanting a warm shower, he is freezing.

12:45PM  Einstein finally finishes his maths and goes to his room to read.
The children troop in from the trampoline, a sword fight breaks out again.
Michelangelo makes lunch for himself and Jack Jack.

1:10PM Einstein and Michelangelo help me carry the three loads of washing out to the line, and help hang.  Princess organises lunch for herself and Jelly Bean and Jack Jack whilst we are at the line.

1:30PM I finish hanging the washing, it is soo hot out there. I begin my lunch and Bass’.  Whilst that is cooking I vacuum up the mess Bass made with the muffins and return the phone call to my friend.
After lunch I clear up and empty the dishwasher.
The younger boys and Michelangelo have begun their ‘free time’ hour on the computer.
Einstein checks his emails, then reads in his room.
The girls have begun a massive de-clutter in their bedroom,  I go and aid them, what a mess, we are very happy with the result.

2:30PM  The younger boys computer time is up, the girls hour has begun, Michelangelo has to play a second hour as everyone want to verse him, poor boy;)
The younger boys have a mini meltdown, then settle into to have a feast of kiwifruit.
I head off to my room to feed Bass, hoping to settle him down for another sleep.
Einstein blade boards up and down the hall, then he heads out to the shed, he is building something secret.
The younger boys come into my room to play with Bass, I give up on getting him down for a sleep. I  relax with a book.

3:30PM  The younger boys drift off into another room to play, I check that the girls and Michelangelo are off the computer.
PC rings we have a quick chat, then I tackle some housework.

4:00PM  I hop on the computer and check emails, 4Real and my blog reader.
The younger children are once again playing on the trampoline with the hose.
Einstein is still in the shed, Princess is reading in the library and Michelangelo is reading in his room.
I’m interrupted by Jem wanting to be changed yet again, and Bass needs tending to.
I ring Gae, speak to her son who takes a message.
Bass finally has gone to sleep.

4:30PM Help Einstein write a resume.
Princess heads out to the trampoline.

5:00PM Shower Jem who is freezing from his water play.  Begin cooking tea.
Bass wakes up, the children come in cold from the trampoline, all head to the shower.

6:00PM PC and Carpenter arrive home.  Still cooking tea.
PC has picked up the mail and some of our new books have arrived, lovely!
PC suggests we go out for a date after tea:)
The older two boys are on the computers reserving library books.

6:30PM A sword fight is in play yet again.
Michelangelo barbecues the chicken.
PC cuts floor boards at the other end of the dining room (we are a house under construction, remember)

7:00PM We sit down for tea.
Bass and I have a quick shower.

7:45PM We head out for our date(with Bass), a couple of drinks at the pub, followed by a dessert stop at Hungry Jack’s.  A lovely relaxing end to our evening, we really aught to do this more often.

11:20PM We arrive home and all the younger children are asleep, older boys still awake.  Chat about how their eveing went, and ours.

11:45PM  Head to bed and unwind with reading.

12:15AM Lights off, a productive day with a surprise ending.

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