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We share with you our online catalogue of quality Australian living books to assist you in nurturing your family in books. 

We are passionate about Australian Books and have thousands for you to browse. 

We have a small collection of Faith books to nurture our family with as well. 

Click on our various categories and check out what we have. 

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to Contact me.

If you’d like some extra guidance I’m happy to create a personalised booklist for you.  


Select from a hundreds of Australian authors. Find new authors, reacquainte with old friends.


Discover the artwork of hundreds of Australian illustrators, browse and enjoy their artwork.


Devour your favourite books and locate more in the series.


Explore the myriad tags, and delve into more titles on that subject.

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Explore our lists and find dozens of booklists.


Browse our recommended home ed resources, book publishers and sellers.

"Erin’s literature knowledge is incredible, and she’s the first person I turn to with questions about books - she always has the perfect answer and saves me endless hours of research. She manages to make integrating books into learning easy and natural."
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