Booklist: Chronological History For 6-8 Year Olds

Australian History Booklist

This booklist is aimed at children 6-8 years old. We have recommended a mix of engaging picture and easier chapter books.

We have endeavoured to select books that are likely to be accessible via your local libraries. The John trilogy by Doris Chadwick are purchasable from Living Book Press and we highly recommend these.

We have given you many options below in the hope that your library will have some of these. We are not recommending you read all of these books!


We estimate it will take 1-3 weeks to read each time period, a year in total.

We encourage you to read one chapter book, where available, and at least one picture book per time period.

Otherwise a selection of at least two to four picture books per time period, when available.


We have displayed the books suggestions in a visual grid below. This continues onto a second page.

Below the visual grid the books are organised under headings into time periods.

We haven’t highlighted our favourites deliberately, as we want you to work within your local library and inter-library loans. We don’t want you to go into debt.

We have further  suggestions in our Australian History database although these are our top picks.

Create your own personalised list by opening your book choice and simply clicking the wishlist button to add to your list.


Wattle Gum Education Booklist – Chronological History for 6-8 year olds pdf



*= Chapter Books

#=Graphic Novel

~ = Indigenous


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Core & Overview Books

We recommend sourcing one of the following three as your Australian history overview. There are pros and cons to each book, our personal choices are the first two, although for a 6-8 year old I’d choose Our Sunburnt Country.

*Our Sunburnt Country – Arthur Baillie (sold by My Homeschool)

*Australia from the Beginning – Eve Pownall

The Australia Book – Eve Pownall


My Place – Nadia Wheatley

~Sorry Sorry – Anne Maxine Kerr

~You and Me Murrawee – Kerri Hashimi


pre-European Settlement

*Dingo: the Dog who Conquered a Continent – Jackie French

The Journey of the Great Lakes series by Percy Trezise.

We recommend this whole series.

Home of the Kadimakara People

Land of the Brolga People

Land of the Dingo People

Land of the Echidna People

Land of the Emu People

Land of the Kangaroo People

Land of the Magpie Goose People

Land of the Snake People


European Discovery of Australia

* The Goat Who Sailed The World – Jackie French

Cook’s Cook – Gavin Bishop

Meet Captain Cook – Rae Murdie

Matthew Flinders: Adventures on Leaky Ships – Carole Wilkinson


Convicts/Early Settlement – 1788-1850

Highly Recommend! – First two sold by Living Books Press

*John of the Sirius – Doris Chadwick

*John of Sydney Cove – Doris Chadwick

*John of Nanbaree – Doris Chadwick


Jackie French – Chapter Books

*Barney and the secret of the French spies

*Barney and the Secret of the Whales

*The Secret of The Black Bushranger

~* Nanberry: Black Brother White

~* Birrung the Secret Friend


Our Australian Girl Series – Four in each series, begin with the first

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Letty – Alison Llyod

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Nelliee – Penny Matthews


Beth: The Story of a Child Convict – Mark Wilson

Never Lose Hope : The Story of Australia’s First School – Mark Wilson

The Little Wooden Horse – Mark Wilson

My Name is Lizzie Flynn : A Story of the Rajah Quilt – Claire Saxby

~What’s Your Story? – Rose Giannone

~ The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip – Michael Sedunary


Out of Print – Library May Have

The First Fleet – Alan Boardman


The Rum Rebellion – 1808-1810

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Grace- Sofie Lagina& sequels

* The Secret of the Youngest Rebel – Jackie French

M is for mutiny! : history by alphabet – John Dickson


Early Exploration

* The Camel Who Crossed Australia – Jackie French

#The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim – Cassandra Golds

A Cat called Trim –  Corinne Fenton

Mustara – Rosanne Hawke


Out of Print – Library May Have

The Crossing of the Blue Mountains – Alan Boardman

Bass and Flinders – Roland Harvey



* The Horse Who Bit A Bushranger – Jackie French

Meet…Ned Kelly – Janeen Brian

Ned Kelly and the Green Sash – Mark Greenwood


Gold Rush

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Poppy – Gabrielle Wang & sequels

Eureka! : A Story of the Goldfields – Mark Wilson


Out of Print – Library May Have

The Night We Made the Flag : A Eureka Story – Carole Wilkinson

To The Goldfields! – Rachel Tonkin



*Lost!: A Trule Tale from the Bush – Stephanie Owen Reeder

The Dog on the Tuckerbox – Corinne Fenton


Out of Print – Library May Have

The Great Bullocky Race – Michael Page


Late 19th Century

*Amazing Grace : An Adventure at Sea- Stephanie Owen Reeder

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Poppy – Gabrielle Wang& sequels

~ Jandamarra – Mark Greenwood

~Boomerang and Bat – Mark Greenwood

~Free Diving- Lorrae Coffin

Meet…Nellie Melba – Janeen Brian

Meet…Mary MacKillop – Sally Murphy

King of the Outback: The Story of Sidney Kidman – Kristin Weidenbach

Born To Fly- Beverly McWilliams

Bob the Railway Dog- Corrine Fenton


Early 20th Century

* How the Finnegans Saved the Ship – Jackie French

*Will the Wonderkid : Treasure Hunter of the Australian Outback – Stephanie Owen Reeder

*Marvellous Miss May : Queen of the Circus – Stephanie Owen Reeder

Our Australian Girl: Meet Alice- Davina Bell& sequels

Our Australian Girl: Meet Rose- Sherryl Clark& sequels

Nancy Bentley : The First Australian Female Sailor – Tracey Hawkins

Meet … Banjo Paterson – Kristin Weidenbach

Horace the Baker’s Horse – Jackie French

Little Lon – Andrew Kelly 

Queenie: One Elephant’s Story- Corrine Fenton

Tom Crean’s Rabbit – Meredith Hooper-Antarctica


World War One

*The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded – Jackie French

*Anzac Girl: The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King- Kate Simpson

*Battle Boy: White War- Charlie Carter

~ Alfred’s War – Rachel Bin Salleh

~ Dreaming Soldiers – Catherine Bauer

A Soldier, A Dog and A Boy – Hathorn, Libby

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Bogle, Eric

Anzac Biscuits – Phil Cummings

Bessie’s War – Krista Bell

Digger:The Dog Who Went to War – Mark Wilson

Gallipoli – Greenwood, Kerry

Jack’s Bugle – Krista Bell

Lone Pine – Susie Brown

Meet… the ANZACs – Claire Saxby

Simpson and His Donkey – Mark Greenwood

Midnight – Mark Greenwood

Message in a Sock – Kaye Baillie

My Mother’s Eyes – Mark Wilson

Scratcher’s War – Jill Mather

Simpson and Duffy- Mary Small

The Anzac Billy – Claire Saxby

The Anzac Tree – Christina Booth

The Horse Soldier – Mark Wilson

The House That Was Built in a Day : Anzac Cottage – Valerie Everett

The Little Stowaway : A True Story – Vicki Bennett

The Last Anzac – Gordon Winch


Interwar Years

Meet… Douglas Mawson- Mike Dumbleton


Depression Years

*Lennie the Legend : Solo to Sydney by Pony – Stephanie Owen Reeder

*Audrey of the Outback – Christine Harris

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Daisy – Michelle Hammer & sequels

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Ruby – Penny Matthews& sequels

It’s a Miroocool! – Christine Harris

Good Enough for a Sheep Station- David Cox

The Day We Built the Bridge – Samantha Tidy

The Road to Goonong – David Cox

To the Bridge : The Journey of Lennie and Ginger Mack – Corinne Fenton

Meet … Don Bradman – Coral Vass

Meet… Nancy Bird Walton – Grace Atwood


World War  Two

*Our Australian Girl: Meet Pearlie – Gabrielle Wang& sequels

Angel of Kokoda – Mark Wilson

Fair Dinkum War- David Cox

White Mouse: The Story of Nancy Wake – Peter Goldthorpe

Flapper VC – Mark Wilson

The Rats of Tobruk – Mark Wilson

The Happiness Box : A Wartime Book of Hope – Mark Greenwood

What Was the War Like, Grandma? : Emmy Remembers World War II – Rachel Tonkin

Meet… Weary Dunlop – Claire Saxby

Photographs In The Mud- Dianne Wolfer


Stolen Generation

~ Stolen Girl – Trina Saffioti

~Idjhil : … and the land cried for its lost soul – Helen Bell



Radio Rescue – Jane Jolly

Tea and Sugar Christmas – Jane Jolly

Tom the Outback Mailman – Kristin Weidenbach

Bob the Railway Dog – Corinne Fenton

Meet … the Flying Doctors – George Ivanoff

~Rodeo Darcy – Alison Gregory

~When I Was Little, Like You – Mary Malbunka



The Little Refugee – Anh Do

Ziba Came on a Boat – Liz Lofthouse

Grandma’s Treasured Shoes – Coral Vass


Vietnam War

Vietnam diary – Mark Wilson

I Was Only Nineteen – John Schumann


Afghanistan War

The Afghanistan Pup – Mark Wilson


Modern History – 1945+

Meet… Sidney Nolan – Yvonne Mes

The Friendly Games – Kaye Baillie

Cyclone – Jackie French

~Say Yes : A Story of Friendship, Fairness and a Vote for Hope – Jennifer Castle– 1967 Referendum

~Day Break- Amy McQuire-Australia Day

~ Sorry Day – Coral Vass

~Blackfella whitefella : an inspirational Australian story – Neil Murray

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