Literature Based Unit: Australian Mammals

When implementing this Literature Based Unit, we suggest reading at least a couple of the books recommended from each sub-class. Activities are optional, feel free to choose whichever activities best suit your family.

We have endeavoured to select books that are likely to be accessible via your local libraries. The CK Thompson’s are purchasable from Living Book Press and we highly recommend these.

We have given you several options in the hope that your library will have many of them and don’t forget inter-library loans. We don’t want you to go into debt. We are not recommending you read all of these books.


We estimate it will take 3-6 weeks to read through this LBU and enjoy the activities of your choice.

We encourage you to read at least one chapter book per sub-class, where available, and at least a couple of picture books per sub-class.

Create your own personalised list by opening your book choice and simply clicking the wishlist button to add to your list.


Wattle Gum Education Booklist – Mammals pdf


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Marsupial Mammals

*King of the Ranges- CK Thompson

*Red Emperor- CK Thompson

*Tiger Cat- CK Thompson

*Wombat – CK Thompson

Wombat – Christopher Cheng

Koala- Claire Saxby

Tippy and Jellybeanm- Sophie Cunningham

Bill Baillie : The Life and Adventures of a Pet Bilby – Ellis Rowan

Bilby’s Secrets – Edel Wignell

Bouncing Back : An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story – Rohan Cleave

Penelope the Mountain Pygmy Possum- Gordon Winch

One Careless Night – Christina Booth – Tasmanian Tiger

Stripes in the Forest : The Story of the Last Wild Thylacine – Aleesah Darlinson

Spinifex Mouse- Norma MacDonald

Paddy O’Melon: The Irish Kangaroo – Julia Cooper

Spikey’s Day Out – Eva-Marie Welsh

Tippy the Kangaroo – Eva-Marie Welsh

Bobby the Tree Kangaroo – Eva Marie Welsh

Fuzzy the Koala – Eva Marie Welsh

Out of Print – Check Library & Inter Library Loan

~Two-Thumbs the Koala- Leslie Rees

~Aroora the Red Kangaroo – Leslie Rees

Big Red Kangaroo – Claire Saxby


Monotreme Mammals

Platypus – Sue Whiting

Paddles the Platypus – Eva Marie Welsh

A Platypus, Probably – Sneed B Collard 3rd

Out of Print – Check Library & Inter Library Loan

~Shy the Platypus – Lesley Rees


Placental Mammals

*Blackie the Brumbie- CK Thompson

*Warrigal the Warrior- CK Thompson

Dingo- Claire Saxby

Little Whale – Jo Weaver

Fluke- Lesley Gibbes

Stellaluna – Janell Cannon


Themes to Cover

Different sub-classes of mammals; Marsupial, Monotreme and Placental.

Various mammals such as; kangaroos, koalas, wombat, platypus, dingo.


Art/Craft Activities

Danyabanya: Crafts & Activities


Supercoloring: Australian Animals

Kristie Peters: Colouring Platypus Downunder Colouring


Flying Pig Art: How to Draw 4 Mammals

Art for Kids Hub: How to Draw a Kangaroo


Geography Activity

  • Mega Maps – Colour mammals’ habitats on map.

Create your own colour key to show your mammals of interest.


STEM Research & Activities


Language Arts Activities

  • Choose an animal you’ve just read about. Write a narration on your animal.
  • Write a short fiction story about an Australian mammal. Illustrate.
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