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Australian Homeschool Summit 2022

It’s time for our annual Australian Homeschool Summit! Always a highlight and a fantastic way to kick off the learning year. Once again I will be presenting as I have for the past five years

What I’m Presenting

This year I’m going to be sharing about Nurturing a Love of Literature. 

Nurturing my family in Literature is something I’m extremely passionate about and totally committed to. 

During the Australian Homeschool Summit I’ll be sharing about our family’s journey. I’ll be sharing why reading together as a family is so important, and how our family has read together for decades. I’ll be giving you tips on how and where to find quality books and loads of practical assistance on just how you can incorporate read alouds into your family life.

Join us and find out how you can go about Nurturing a Love of Literature within your family. Gather tips from a family who have enjoyed reading together for decades.

How You Can Attend

The Australian Homeschool Summit 2022 is easily accessible online. So you only need internet access. 

Dates Are

February 14th – 25th 2022

What You Receive

  • Access to all 30+ workshops as they happen
  • Workshops on planning, neurodiversity, unschooling, socialisation, and loads more!
  • Lifetime access to recordings of all 2022 workshops
  • Expert answers to your questions
  • Amazing homeschooling help in a wonderfully supportive community!


Access is only $29! With 30+ presentations that’s less than $1 a presentation!

Come and join us

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