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Awesome! – A Masculine Opinion

The layout of our study has bothered us for some time now. When we recently acquired two new computers and realised we needed to shuffle the room around yet again we decided it was time to invest in a more permanent solution. After discarding a few ideas PC decided to head to town in the search of desk modules. Having no success at any of the retail shops in town, hours later PC and Carpenter arrived home with gleeful looks on their faces.  Instantly I was suspicious, what had they bought?

Well… they hedged, I might not think it pretty, but it was perfect for the job, it just was a little…industrial looking.  Yep, that sums it up.

Opinion is divided here, the feminine opinion in our home is it looks, industrial, the masculine opinion is it looks, awesome!

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  • Elizabeth

    How about Awesomely, industrialy masculine? : )
    If it works, use it…you could always make some cool curtains for below the keyboard level…hide the cords & stuff…

  • Erin

    Hi thanks for dropping by:)
    As they have the hard drives above the cords drop down, actually all looks far tidier than it was before with cords draped over desks.
    I did suggest painting it pink or twining ribbon around;)

  • Anonymous

    Can i suggest curtains for the very top space? Hi Erin, we were on an email loop in the very early 2000s. A catholic Charlotte mason group – with leonie. I think we may have crossed paths withnFIAR too. I was homeschooling in the country, farming and homeschooling our then four kids. I have been in bed with morning sickness and exploring the online worls of homeschooling and found your site. Actually there are a few familiar faces from my early home school days, nice to have some time to catch up. Nice to see what u r up to these days

    God bless
    Shannon mccabe

  • Anonymous

    oh I forgot to say -industrial it may be but I think it is one of the most space efficient set ups I have seen. Also easy to keep clean and decluttered. Looks like something my husband would do (carpenter by trade who is bigger on function than fashion)

  • Sue Elvis


    It's wonderful! My husband used to work for a company that sold industrial shelving. He bought enough shelving to cover every cm of free wall space in the boys' room from the floor to the ceiling. It looked masculine and tough and was exactly what the boys needed. They loved it!

  • Chareen

    Definately idustrial masculine :o)

    Looks tidy though.

    Be careful of curtains as it might not allow enough air circulation causing heat build up and dead computers !

    You could maybe build a book shelf on the end out of some nice wood with some down lights so it's not dark with the end blocked in. And you could add a tongue and grove back piece in to hide the cables.

    Otherwise I think it's an excellent use of space and I wish I had thought of puting my pc box up high like that. In fact I might just do that when Paul redoes our office.


  • Linda

    Well, it works! Actually, it does look very tidy – so the question is, what happened to all the 'stuff' that was along the wall beforehand?

  • Anonymous

    You can buy some flexible cable sleves that will make the cables that little bit more tidy. I agree with the person that said curtains will block airflow. (Kieren)

  • Pam

    I was just coming out here to suggest a bit of lace trim or curtains and see that I got beat to the punch. It IS nicely organize, though!

  • Erin

    Wow, I'm overwhelmed with the popularity of this post! My 'boys' just smile as all your comments roll in. I can't believe it two of my brothers have even commented! A first time ever, great to see you guys:)

    It is indeed very easy to keep clean and stay tuned for more pics cause we bought more units!!!

    *Shannon, I do indeed remember you, I recall you lived in WA? Congrats on your new baby, would love to catch up, you can contact me at

  • Ingi Mc

    Wow – they are certainly very practical, those boys! I don't think I'll show my hubby, because before you know it, we'll have industrial shelving everywhere!!

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