Advent/Christmas – Picture

Three Kings – Kurt Baumann

A traveling lute player and a story teller meet, in the harsh winter they journey to the King’s Palace seeking refuge. They  find no welcome. They then journey with the King to visit a baby in a stable.

Pictures rather dull, 3 Star

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A Happy Christmas for Mr Mole – Peggy Burton

Mr Mole and his family move to a new home and interact with all the villagers in this tale leading up to Christmas.  The story culminates with the village gathering together to celebrate Christmas.

Meant to be cutesy but not appealing to me as I’m not keen on series of English animal(with people character) books. 2 Star
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Great Joy – Kate DiCamillo

Set in snowy New York a young girl is moved by the plight of organ grinder and monkey out in the bitter cold.  She invites them to dinner and then to her Christmas Play.  A lovely story with rich illustrations. My children love this story. star


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If I’d Been Born in Bethlehem – Joan Gale Thomas

A little girl imagines what it would have been like to have visited Baby Jesus in the stable with the shepherds, to have travelled with the Holy Family to Egypt and Nazareth. To have lived with the Holy Family and played daily with Jesus. Like all JG Thomas’ books told in rhyme.  5 Star

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The Story of Christmas with its own Advent Calendar – Kathryn Jackson

A short snippet of the Christmas story for each day of Advent, although we were gifted the book without the calendar it easily blends with any basic Advent calendar.  I particularly love how tender Joseph is with Mary. 5 Star



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The Candle in the Window – Grace Johnson

A lonely, unhappy cobbler encounters preparations for the Christ Child’s visit.  Based on a legend that the Christ Child is invited into homes where a candle glows in the window, the cobbler gives his gifts to the needy.  A young girl helps him to see these were gifts given for Christ.

To be honest, I want to love this book as the pictures are beautiful, but.. it is long and boring. 3 Star

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The Fourth Wise Man – Mary Joslin

A lovely story of the fourth wise man seeking his way to Bethlehem.  Covers the symbolism of the gifts.  Bright pictures, another we would love for our collection.  5 Star



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A hungry family finds a goat, they can’t bring themselves to eat it.  The goat gives them hair to sell. Soft pictures.  The story really didn’t really appeal.  3 Star


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Silent Night – Thomas Kinkade

The words of the traditional hymn, with bright pictures of a crisp New England feel.  3 Star

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The Snow Angel – Christie Leeson

Two mice are playing on Christmas morning and see an Angel(goose) swoop, flutter and tumble to the ground. What can they do to help? Sweet story. 3 star

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Jacob’s Gift – Max Lucado

Jacob a young carpenter’s apprentice is keen to build the best project to win the contest.  HIs teacher, Rabbi Simeon also impresses upon Jacob that when you give a gift to others you give a gift to God, he challenges Jacob as to why God has given him the gift of woodworking skills?  Jacob plans hard and begins his project, working long into the night, he falls asleep and is woken by a gleaming light, there he faces a dilemma tomorrow the selection takes place but this night a newborn has no place to sleep.

Absolute favourite, gorgeous pictures. 5 Star


The Crippled Lamb – Max Lucado

Josh, the lamb, has black spots and a limp, he feels sad and left out as he can’t run and jump with the other lambs. He is left behind with Abigail the cow, when the other lambs are taken to the next valley.  However Josh has a very special role to play in the stable with a newborn.

Another sweet favourite, warm pictures. 4.5 Star


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Little One We Knew You’d Come – Sally Lyold -Jones

Pictures have beautiful gold edging but too angular for my taste.

I also found the text rather boring and repetitious. 2 Star



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Angela and the Baby Jesus – Franck McCourt

Highly captivating, a true story about the author’s mother.

Six year old Angela feels sorry for the Baby Jesus in the Church, he looks cold, she decided to take him home to warm in her bed.  We followed her in tenterhooks, gasping for the safety of the Child Jesus in the hands of a six year old, one particular scene in her neighbour’s yard is highly amusing!!

Very Irish, captivating to all ages, illustrations appealing. 4 Star

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The Gift – Penny Matthews

A plain bear and a gorgeous plush crocodile are passed over in the toy shop as all the Christmas toys are selected first.  Brown Bear makes a gift to his friend.  Sweet, generous story, attractive pictures.  Not overly Christmassy, 3.5 Star

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The Little Drummer Mouse – Mercer Mayer

The animals of the forest welcome the baby King, the mouse plays his acorn drum.  Fair length, busy pictures. 4 Star


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Silent Night, Holy Night – Joseph Mohr

The well known Christmas carol illustrated.  Soft, sweet pictures.

3 Star



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The Third Gift – Linda Sue Park

A young boy and his father harvest ‘tears’ of resin. At the marketplace they sell the resin known as myrrh to three strangers,  who buy it as a gift for a baby.  Beautiful illustrations, intriguing storyline.  4 Star


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Stephen’s Feast – Jean Richardson

A young page, Stephen travels with King Wenceslas in the cold and snow to take wood and food to a poor man’s dwelling by St Agnes’ fountain. The young thoughtless page is inspired to be more generous.  Based on the carol. We read on the Feast of St Wenceslas, December the 28th.

Very well written with beautiful pictures. One I’d like to add to our collection. 5 Star

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The Christmas Angel – Hans Wilhelm

The littlest angel has ‘written’ a song for Baby Jesus and wishes to bring his gift to Jesus.  Sweet story, but didn’t really grab me. 2.5 Star


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Jonathon Toomey is a marvellous woodcarver but he never smiles, unbeknown to his neighbours he has lost his wife and child. Just prior to Christmas his life is transformed when a young widow and her son  approach him and ask if he could carve a nativity set for them.

Warm, inviting illustrations. A Christmas classic, the text is lengthy  comes with a CD.  5 Star

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