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Completing the Verandah, We’re Thrilled

Completing the Verandah is so exciting! Finally a project begun years ago was taken back up and completed. We began the verandah in 2012. First cementing the piers, then bearers and joists, then laying the decking boards for the side and side and ‘front’ verandahs. Work then came to a halt as we pondered how to complete ‘section 3’ of our ‘front’ verandah. Life intervened, other building projects shifted our focus, in the meantime we made do with particleboard sheets on this last section.

First tasks up was selecting, cutting and laying the joists. As the joists had been stored in the yard under sheets of roofing iron for nearly a decade, we were relieved to find they hadn’t bowed over the years.

The ends and edges of the joists were painted to project them from water damage. Bella, 7, was our painter and was a huge help.

The ends of the each of the decking boards also, were later painted to protect them, Bella stayed the distance and worked along side us for days.

The joists took a day to set up, and then it was time to begin cutting the decking boards.

We are using Ironbark, timber felled and milled from our own property back in 2010! It’s incredibly special to use products from your own land.

We were soon in a familiar routine; drill, counter sink, then screw down the stainless steel screws.

Jelly Bean 17, as usual was Dad’s right hand girl, working alongside of him for the whole time, they make a great team, working in sync. Not to be left out, Bella has declared that she is Dad’s left hand girl.

The second weekend rolled around and we were back on the job. Precision is the key to ensuring the job goes accurately and smoothly.  Jack Jack 15, is laying nails at the space of every 3 boards, this ensures that even spacing is maintained.

PC and I have laid km’s of decking together over the years, so it didn’t take us long to fall back into a familiar rhythm.

As with any building project, it always astounds me how once the foundational steps are done, just how quickly the job can move along.  The deck was taking shape quite quickly and Princess 19, was happy to do her part.

Like with the joists, these stacks of timber have been sitting here for ten years! waiting for us to come back and complete the task. We were so grateful to discover that our protection had worked,  we’ve only lost 3 boards at the bottom of the pile to rot. So still plenty of boards to select from.

These spacers are incredible to ensure we have uniform spacing between each board. It sure beats the old string and nail gig we used decades back.

With a team on the job ‘section 3’ of the verandah rapidly took shape.

It was shock to acknowledge a job that had taken 8 years to return to, could be tackled within 2 weekends. It was decisions regarding the design of the stairwell space that had contributed to the delay.

Bass 10, was a ‘trooper’ and helped where he could.

Sunday afternoon on the 2nd weekend the end was in sight. The rhythm was smooth, progress was flowing along rapidly.

Then it was time to screw on the finishing boards, giving the verandah a neat, clean finish. Loving the look.

A box step is to be built from the side verandah to the ‘front,’ and whilst step ladders currently take the place of stairs, stairs will be built in due course.

Extremely happy with our finished result, thrilled to have finally completed the verandah!

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