Confession/First Holy Communion

Both Children’s Bibles are excellent.  Interestingly my childhood copy of the Golden Bible says, ‘Catholic Children’s’ which is the exact same copy as the Golden Children’s Bible.  We can’t chose between  the two, so we use both.

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The youngest angel in Heaven is sent on a quest to find the most beautiful thing on earth. A red rose? Birds and butterflies? Puppies and kittens? A beautiful baby? No, each time the other angels send him back to earth to keep looking. Finally the angel visits the church and finds a surprising answer. The Sacrament of Confession.  To be honest I’m not really a fan of Brindle’s books, they are too wordy but we’ll use it unless I find something better. The youngest angel in Heaven is sent on a quest to find the most beautiful thing on earth.  Is it a red rose, birds and butterfliew, puppies and kittens, a beautiful baby?. No.  Finally the angel visits a church and finds the answer.  The Sacrament of Confession.  Though I’m not a Brindle fan, we find the books too wordy, this would be our favourite.

The Mass Book for Children – Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli

Teaches children not only the parts of the Mass but explains how Mass is an experience of love.  We really love how this book is written, solid and clear.

Little Acts of Grace – Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli

Explains Catholic devotions and kindles a desire to do them.  Many pages focus on the Eucharist, a lovely spiritual preparation for First Holy Communion.

My Jesus and I – Aloysius Heeg
I only began using this book with Princess afterMargaret alerted me to this gem, previously it had been gathering dust on my shelf. The text is thorough but easily understood, each chapter has three sets of questions. The first corresponds to the chapter, 2nd to the Baltimore Catechism and the third are review questions.  Very solid

My Holy Communion – Daniel A. Lord SJ

Another of Fr Lord’s delightful little Gloria Books, written to a child’s level but solidly jammed packed.  .  A gem!

My Mass – Daniel A. Lord SJ

One of Fr Lord’s incredible little Gloria Books, as with all of them, written to a child’s level but solidly jammed packed.  .  We are so blessed to have these!

The New St Joseph First Communion Catechism – Fr Lovasik
I have used this little book with all my children, a great little gem to make certain I have covered all bases.

First Holy Communion for Little Catholics – Fr Demetrius Manousos
A beautiful little book published by Guild Press in the 1950s.  Solid teaching, written for a child to easily understand.   

The Mass Explained to Children – Maria Montessori

Although written for slightly older children, reading selected areas is a wonderful way to kindle a love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist.  A truly incredible book which every Catholic family should have.  This book has been the spine for our Unit Study on the Mass

The Weight of the Mass – Josephine Nobisso
A shabby, penniless old woman enters the baker’s shop as he is preparing luscious creations for the king’s wedding, which is about to take place in the city cathedral. Few are expected to attend, as the populace has grown cold and neglectful about their faith. When the baker refuses to give the old woman even a crust of stale bread, she offers to say a Mass for him, in exchange for food. Scoffing, he writes “One Mass” on a tiny piece of paper, places it on his scale, and tries to overbalance it with heaps of his finest pastries, but to no avail. The Mass outweighs them all. Inspired by a real story, lovely watercolours. Picture book.  A true treasure.

First Communion Days – Sister of Notre Dame

This gem by the Sisters of Notre Dame, is very similar in style to Ten Eager Hearts, beautiful, inspirational stories of children who love Jesus very much and long to receive Him.

Ten Eager Hearts – Sister of Notre Dame
An OOP gem; each story contains incredibly inspiring stories of children preparing for their FHC and their prayers to Jesus after their first reception.  Definitely on our list to read.
The author also wrote ‘True Stories for First Communicants’ and ‘First Communion Days’ republished by Neumann Press.

Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book – Katherine Sotnik

Beautiful illustrations; symbols of the Eucharist, vessels of the liturgy, images of saints with Eucharistic devotion.

Patron Saint of First Communicants: The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini – Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Only a slim volume, but so inspiring.  Imelda’s love of Our Blessed Lord and her desire to receive Him in the Blessed Sacrament shines throughout. This is a must read for us, I have read it to each of our children as they prepare for their First Holy Communion.

10 Commandments

Learning the Commandments has been so easy this year as we’ve played a memory game from The Catholic Toolbox.  Another easy way is singing along with the  Songs of Daughters of St Paul – the 10 Commandments song.

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