New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2

We’ve long enjoyed reading these Catechisms,  answering the questions and chatting about the material.

Catholic Bible: Revised Standard Version (Ignatius)

Always a Confirmation gift for each of our children.  We researched before deciding upon this translation.

Interestingly my childhood copy of the Golden Bible says, ‘Catholic Children’s’ which is the exact same copy as the Golden Children’s Bible.

Illustrated Catechism – Inos Biffi
Compilation of 4 of Biffi’s books;  Prayer, Apostles Creed, Sacraments and Ten Commandments.  Excellent for understanding of the truths in the Apostles Creed, deeper understanding of the Sacraments and Ten Commandments.

The First Sacraments – Inos Biffi

Aimed at the older child, very detailed and thorough. Plenty of historical information.

My Path to Heaven – Fr Geoffrey Bliss
A mini-spiritual retreat, reflective. Loved it!

My Path to Heaven – Fr Geoffrey Bliss
A mini-spiritual retreat, reflective. Loved it!

Brief Review of Confirmation (Daughters of St Paul)
Brief with lots of catechism questions.

Faith & Life- 5
Not our favourite series;dry and dull, however there are a few relevant chapters.

Spreading and Defending the Faith – Image of God Series

Parts of this are perfect, parts are too old for 9-12 year olds, a large part focuses on ‘Service’ an American emphasis not an Australian emphasis, also there is a ‘Soldier of Christ’ component which doesn’t totally encompass today’s understanding. However there is enough in this book that I can work with.

Catechism questions, Gospel Highlights, Mass Responses.
To be honest I recently purchased this and was disappointed, nice but not the book.

An engaging, living catechism.  Princess loved this book.  I have read previously to older children and it is excellent.

King of the Golden City
A wonderful allegory, spiritually reflective.  Highly recommended by my 12 year old.

Sacrament of Confirmation Catechetics

A 30 page workbook, with excerpts from the Bible and the CCC.  Read and answer the various exercises, a great way to be sure to cover the basics.  Our girls are enjoying the workbook approach.

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