Keen to implement a Literature Based Education for your home education journey but don’t know where to start?


Wanting an engaging booklist personalised for your family?


Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a veteran home educator, with twenty-seven years’ experience educating my ten children using living books as our core.

Now it feels so natural to me, but I remember the beginning of our reading journey. I wanted to immerse my children in literature, especially Australian literature, but I didn’t know where to start. I longed for some direction and guidance. 

I muddled through somehow, slowly learning along the way which books were worth our time (and which weren’t).

And now that I have twenty-seven years of experience and knowledge I’d love to share that knowledge with you and help you skip the hours of research and planning and get stuck straight into the fun part – the books!

Personalised Planning Service

I offer a one-on-one personalised planning service where I help you understand how to use living books and how to create your own booklists and learning plans.

We’ll chat to determine your needs, and then you’ll receive:

  • a book list based on your needs and objectives
  • a book list tailored to your local libraries with minimal suggested purchasing
  • a clear, well-laid out literature plan that you can begin using straight away 


How knowledgeable are you about Australian Books?
Exceptionally knowledgeable. What could take you hours of research, I can achieve in far less as much of the knowledge is already in my memory. 

How many books will be on the list?
Ideally around 30, however this is dependent on the books available for the topic

Will the books line up with the  Australian curriculum?
Yes. If you require I can link to the National or NSW syllabus, though this will be more time consuming

How long will it take to ?
You should have a personalised book list back within 2 weeks
*Can be subject to extenuating circumstances

What if I get extra ideas while you are still planning the book list? Can I contact you?
Of course. Though multiple changes, more than 3, may incur a change in session rates

Any Further Questions?

I’m always happy to chat.

Rates for Service

Sessions are offered for a special introductory rate of $50 an hour.
Multiple hours will receive a reduction rate.

Book a Personalised Planning Session with me

Before you hit the Session button below, click the Contact Me button above, we’ll have a quick chat and we’ll proceed from there.

"Erin has so much invaluable knowledge and experience that she has gathered over her many years as a homeschooling Mum. Her helpful heart and intelligent mind coupled with her understanding and experience in the field of literature make her one of the most resourceful leaders in the Australian homeschooling community. She is approachable and kind and able to put together incredible book lists which will save time and money for many homeschooling parents. I highly recommend working with Erin."
"Erin has been a huge blessing in our homeschool journey. I wanted to include more Australian living books into our curriculum but I just had no idea where to start. That’s when I found Erin’s help. She went above and beyond and created a comprehensive and tailored reading plan for my family. She chose living books that fit with what we were learning in our homeschool across the year and also made sure that they were the right fit for my children’s ages. She then sourced these incredible books at our local library where I then picked them up, making it a seamless process for us. Erin is extremely experienced and I would highly recommend her consultation to any family who would like a tailored reading plan just for your homeschool."
"Erin’s homeschooling and literature knowledge is incredible, and she’s the first person I turn to with questions about books - she always has the perfect answer and saves me endless hours of research. She manages to make integrating books into learning easy and natural. After working with her for many years I’m still impressed by her professionalism and promptness."
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