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Crayon Pouches

Last year I was enthused by a discussion on 4Real regards making crayon pouches. At the time I had just purchased some Waldorf (Steiner) block crayons and I wanted to store them carefully. I was so inspired by pictures of Matilda’s and Elizabeth’s pouches that I decided to have a go.

I followed the instructions and was pretty happy with my result. I find the presentation is appealing to the children, those crayons are just begging to be taken out and used.

I was very impressed with one womans’s ingenuity when she took the concept to another height and made her husband a pouch for his barbeque tools.

Does anyone remember seeing this on a 4 Real blog? I’d love to link to her pics.

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  • Jessica

    Those turned out GREAT Erin!!!! Wow!!! I love them!!

    I have been wanting to purchase Waldorf crayons for a long time, but just haven’t yet. How do you like them?

    Just seeing this post makes me want to order some, so I can make a neat little pouch to put them in!

    Was it very difficult to sew? I have only just completed my first project, so I am a total beginner.

    Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

  • Erin


    I really like the crayons particularly the block crayons. I think ordinary oil pastels are pretty good though too.

    I’m not as impressed with the pencils, but then I only have a few colours. I think normal watercolours may be just as good.

    It wasn’t difficult to sew, you just have to adjust the measurements to fit the block crayons.

    The 4 Real discussion had ideas on how to use a place mat too.

    I read your sewing post, you have lovely friends:)

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