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Creating and Smiles

Over the holiday I enjoyed sewing and creating a few items.  I began with up-cycling a top never worn into a skirt for Princess.  So bright and funky, she loves it.

It was simply a matter of cutting the bodice top off and turning the edges over. Quite handily the rows of shirring on the back meant no elastic was needed.

Inspired by pictures on pinterest, I next made a strip skirt.  Between choosing fabric and my machine tension issues this was not a quick skirt to make.


Princess however is rather thrilled although PC calls it a ‘pauper skirt,’  reminding me of Dolly’s song,
Momma sewed the rags together 
Sewin’ every piece with love 
She made my coat of many colors 

My next project was a simple circle skirt.
*Tip- Taking a ‘short cut’ by not pinning material prior to cutting results in an uneven skirt hanging, oops.

Jelly Bean’s preference is for a skirt a little longer, to the knees or lower.  I topped these skirts with exposed elastic, as the fabric was lightweight I used pretty underwear elastic, nor did I bother to hem, I’ve just edged, I may yet have to turn.

Circle skirts are so easy to whip up, quick and full with a lovely swing.  I hadn’t sewn in so long, it was lovely to be a little creative again.  Hoping to make a couple more.

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