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Creating An Art Centre

One of my wishes for my ‘dream learning room’ is an art centre. As that event will be some time away I gave some thought as to how I could set up a temporary centre. My requirements were for a compact centre that contained the majority of supplies. We also needed a way to scoop all supplies off the table and away into the cupboard for meal times.

Thinking I needed something like a tray I ventured into the shed to see what I could find. Imagine my delight when I spied this ‘builders box’ I had forgotten all about scooping up at a garage sale last year. Just perfect to hold tins of scissors, watercolours, sketch pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, block crayons, glue, pastels etc.

I also tidied up the regular pencil trays. When art supplies are attractively arranged children naturally want to pick up pencils and draw.

The children drew all day:)

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  • Erin


    So lovely you have found me. I popped over to met you:)

    Intrigued to hear you are Reformed Presbyterian, we have three different Presbyterian churches in our town; the Eastern Pres. Church of Australia the Free Presb. Church of Scotland and the Presb Church of Australia.

    I have dear friends in all three.

    Have you read 'So Far of Skye?' by Judith O'Niell, a living book on the immigration of the Presby. from Scotland to Australia. They may well be related to you church, they landed in Victoria.

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