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A Day in Our House

Wednesday morning I viewed our home through camera lenses; journey with us as I share.

Here is Jack Jack striving valiantly to cut along straight lines.

Michelangelo creating mask; he enjoys creating.

Koala in her bedroom working on her English grammar.

Einstein and Princess in the kitchen creating a science experiment. Why do my children always gravitate towards bi-carb and food colouring experiments?

Carpenter at the table working on his maths. He has come a long way in maths this year, we are so proud of him.

Jelly Bean and Jack Jack enjoying a jigsaw, with Jem looking on. Both amaze me with their ability, Jack Jack particularly.

Morning Tea saw a fierce game of tennis table. The children have been pulling the table into the paddock during the day (covering with a tarp when not in use) and rolling back into the shed of a night.

A different view from behind a camera; most interesting. What does a day in your house look like?

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  • Aliadelaide

    great post Erin;isn't it wonderful how much learning takes place in a family that love learning!
    Thank you also for so consistently "checking in" on my blog. feel free to visit anytime

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