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Arranging Our Study

Tuesday saw many changes. Once the children moved out we turned our energies towards cleaning their abandoned rooms. The boys’ room began its transformation into a study. As the children were eager to see this occur they worked with a will.

Very quickly tables and desks were moved in and a whole bank of computers were set up. To be totally honest I didn’t quite realise just how many computers we had. Most had been packed away. Due to the benevolence of uncles there is no shortage.

PC and I invested a fair amount of research into decisions regarding the computers. We decided to keep all computers in the one room, near the centre of the house, just off the kitchen.

Our current setup is temporary in features and ascetics. We have plans to have a long bank extending the length of the wall under the windows. It will be wider than the current tables to allow room for bookwork, this area will primarily be used by our teens during lesson hours. The brown cupboard will be replaced by another more practical and attractive cupboard. Beside the cupboard will be over 2 metres of shelving for books; text books and adult.

I’m enjoying the study as I can monitor screen usage more effectively. The children and PC think it’s simply just awesome.

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