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Easter Triduum 2014

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter, full of rich memories and plenty of family traditions.  The making of their traditional chocolate egg was a high priority for the children, this year they surpassed all other years, making a 7+kg egg!!  Oh yes lots of chocolate, the children insist on buying lots of chocolate for one another.

Easter Saturday we painted Easter eggs as we’ve been doing for a decade and a half, our collection is quite large now. This year the children painted and gave away eggs to 16 religious.  Our 2 priests & deacon and 13 of our Sisters.

The Easter egg hunt never wanes in popularity, and proves you’re never too old to join in the fun. Whether it’s hiding the eggs or finding them.

Over the Triduum we were fortunate to be able to attend all the Services and various combinations of the boys served at all the Masses and Services.  Easter Vigil all four boys served, making my mama heart melt. Easter Sunday we were blessed to have all ten of our children home, I treasure these times as I know they won’t last forever.  We’ve all enjoyed lots of family time with our College children home, blessed indeed.
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  • Mel @ Coal Valley View

    Erin, you are amazing, that's all I can think to say after seeing these photos and reading your words. That photo in the first collage right in the middle is a cracker – says it all really…Happy belated Easter!!! Mel x

  • Renee Wilson

    A 7kg egg! Now that is impressive! The painted eggs look fantastic too. We painted some here and it's a tradition I'd like to continue. Glad you had a lovely Easter 🙂

  • Helena

    Hi Erin,

    I used a picture of Bella (the one in the bottom left of the top collage) as a reference picture for a drawing! 🙂 Was checking that it was all good with you if I post the finished product up on the internet? (On my blog, maybe my facebook, and probably on an art website).


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