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Ensuite Awaitin’

Over the past year we have been making progress towards having our bathrooms and laundry ‘up and functioning’. In the last few weeks the pace has picked up rapidly and it will soon be a reality!!:):)
We began work on our ensuite months ago, PC has worked so hard on all the tiling, I’m immensely proud of him


Our feature tiles took some fiddly work to evenly space, but I’m so happy with how they look


As I walk into our room I just love looking at our enusite, clean and crisp, it makes me happy:)


Actually the ensuite was the first room PC finished, long before the bathroom and laundry


However I lost my painting mojo, only just completing that task with the aid of the older boys.
The plumbers were here for a few days last week, making a start on installing the hardware, working on the sewage lines and connecting the hot water system.


 PC has been madly building four bathroom cabinets each night this week so tomorrow the plumbers can come back to finish installing the hardware and connect the water.
Can you hear me squealing with excitement, we just may have functioning bathrooms and a laundry by this weekend!!!!!!
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