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Exploding Verandahs

Following our decking success and keeping the momentum flowing we began laying the end verandah last Monday (Public Holiday).

It was wet, windy and cold but ‘the team’ persevered despite difficult conditions.

At the beginning it took some time to establish (it always does …  I’m told if we want to do it right…) but then the pace ‘picked up.’

By the end of the first day one quarter of the deck was completed:)

At this stage we felt two more weekends would see the job completed.

Saturday we had guests and we put Daniel on the job.  Whilst the ‘children of the house’ were off at soccer games and work, our guest took their place.

When we ran out of the correct length boards

work slowed down,

to ‘slow and steady’.

When Carpenter was back on the job the pace picked up with three workers,

by Sunday afternoon the progress was amazing!

In only three days they had completed the end verandah!

1000 screws have been drilled in, 27 square metres laid, a space for the stairs is waiting

and we now have a sunny spot to enjoy the western sun in winter:)

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