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Fabric Cards

We’re on a real Montessori roll here in our ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’. On the weekend I started making fabric cards, I was inspired by Emily over at Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy it seemed like a do-able kind of activity to make.

I looked around for some card to use as backing and found these index cards they had been sitting in Prince Charming’s shed of all places and he had been asking me to find a use for them, so I did.

I then searched the house for different kinds of fabric and came up with eight different kinds, just a perfect number giving the girls a set of four each. I found cotton in the fabric box, felt in the craft cupboard, a scrap of lace in the dress ups and an old foot mat was cut up for terry towelling. I then thought of vinyl from the shed, book covering plastic and paper amongst the school supplies and then I cut up chux from the kitchen. An eclectic collection and we were ready to start.

Another rummage in the dress ups and we had a blindfold and were ready to start.

The girls enjoyed this activity and did it several times, swapping over with each other to try the second set of cards.

Koala and Carpenter were determined to join in the fun announcing that this was the sort of learning that they liked.

Having made cards I now had to consider where to store them, however an idea shared at 4 Real gave me the idea to use my index card holder.

This activity was another hit and the children are keen for more.

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