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It’s My Party – Four Decades!!

This week I celebrated my 40th birthday!!!  Two days prior PC celebrated his birthday:):)
PC totally spoilt me with our first brand new lounge!  A leather lounge!! which we can all sit together on:)  Words can’t express how much I enjoy this lounge.

PC also delighted me with a trip away for a day and two nights to a Resort!  Just imagine all that time alone with only a baby.  You can bet we enjoyed being able to converse without interruptions, to meander at will through the day.

To soak up the ambience of resort living.  We indulged in Continental breakfasts and I was treated to a massage.

Our mornings began enjoying the ocean view.  Then we had breakfast overlooking the pool.  One night we enjoyed dinner at a local Thai restaurant.

The first morning my Prince delighted me by insisting on scouring all the op-shops for books, a treat he knows I love.  I felt so loved as he indulged my whim, happily trailing from shop to shop.

As much as we love our darlings, time away was good for our relationship, to simply spend uninterrupted time together.  Thank you to those who made this special time possible{{{}}}

Turning 40 has precipitated a time of reflection. Truthfully I can say, I have little regrets and believe I have achieved all I wanted in the past 40 years, I’ve packed alot into these four decades;)  Here’s to the next four:)

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