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Great Hall and Hallway, Plastered & Painted

Plastering the hallway and Great Hall (dining/kitchen area) has taken many, many months to complete. It wasn’t a high priority, considered a ‘wet weather job’, so many other projects were rated higher, and achieved first.  We plastered a wall in the Great Hall in January 2011 when my brother visited and taught us how plaster.  Then later began plastering the hallway in October 2011.

For years we lived without gyprock on the walls of the Great Hall, we were thrilled when we were finally able to turn our attention to lining the walls of the Great Hall.  June this year we focused in earnest on completing this task.

Cornices make such a difference to a room, not only do they keep in warmth and seal against mosquitoes, they give the room a finished look.

The weekend the Great Hall and hallway was undercoated bought a real lift to us all, it wasn’t just that the plastering at long last was finished, but the undercoat looked far, far better than the gyprock walls we had lived with for so long.

PC was quite enthused to be on the ‘home run’, the plastering had ‘gone on forever.’

Our hallway is rather unique, it has lots of twists and turns, rather than the traditional long stretch.

The dining room has received its top coats, but the kitchen area will remain with only an undercoat until we install the kitchen in another year.

We just love walking up the hallway, taking great pleasure in the plastered and painted walls.

No more rough and dull walls.  So very thrilling:)

Our dining room finally looks like a real room:) Finishing touches such as flooring and architraves are needed, however all plastering and painting are finished!!!! At least until we ‘gut’ the old section, PC is beyond excited.

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