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Happy New Year, 2012

Every New Year for the last three years, I have chosen a Word that helps me focus on an area of importance throughout the year.  Glancing back over the words of the last few years I see; Savour/Treasure/Memories and Habits/Self-Discipline, note, two common threads here.   I had been thinking ‘In the Moment’ for 2012 but tonight when I shared my observations about the commonality with my family, Anna Maria asked a thought provoking question.  Why did I keep having a similar themed word?  Was it that the similar words were a continual area of interest, or do I feel I keep failing to reach my Word goal?  PC feels it is the first.  I did crazily wonder whether I should chose a focus, outside of my comfort zone, like, Creativity.  I shared this possibility with a close friend and she uproariously laughed, and suggested finding a word with clearly defined parameters.  With further reflection I decided my Word needs to reflect the current Season of my life. Everyday.

Have you noticed the ‘rule of six’ in my left sidebar?  My ‘rule of six’ reflects ways in which I wish to nurture my loved ones and ways in which I am nurtured.

  •  Play
  •  Pray
  •  Read and Think
  •  Engage in Conversations
  •  Enjoy God’s Creation
  •  Exercise

After reading Chareen’s post I decided to also write goals and not just a Word.  I kept her headings, selecting only one goal per category, this way I am more likely to succeed. 


  • Daily Prayer.
  • Intellectual growth with quality literature.
  • Create optimum health with exercise and a grain free diet.
  • Create special, individual moments with my loved ones.
  • Academic excellence coupled with enthusiasm.
  • Well maintained with an extra touch of beauty.
  • Observe my screen time parameters.
  • Develop outstanding photography skills
Happy New Year to All!
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  • Eva

    Happy New Year! Our visiting pastor today suggested taking 10 minutes each day to reflect on how much God blesses us and the fact that he is like a daddy to us. He said most New Year's Day resolutions don't work anyway, but those 10 minutes might work.

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    P.S. I really enjoyed your Christmas letter. Thanks so much.

  • ccc

    Wow! I feel so lacking since I have not thought of anything profound in which to start off my new year. I like the idea of a word. I just read someone else's blog and they do the same thing. Maybe Our Lord is trying to tell me to find a word??

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