American War of Independence

America’s Paul Revere by Esther Forbes

A long picture/illustrated short chapter book making the ‘Midnight Ride of Paul Revere’ come alive.  My 15 yr old daughter was inspired to memorise the WHOLE poem!

Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia by Margaret Cousins

A great picture of the many talents of Ben Franklin and his part in supporting America in the Continental Congress. A Landmark book.

Early Thunder by Jean Fritz

A vivid and compelling story of the American Revolution, set in Salem, when people were either Tories or Whigs and violence between the two groups split Salem

The Swamp Fox of the Revolution by Stewart H. Holbrook tells the tale of Francis Marion and his men who appeared out of the gloom of the swamps to attack the British. America’s First Guerilla Fighters.

Guns for General Washington by Seymour Reit tells the tale of the battle for Boston.  Riveting.

The Reb and the Redcoats by Constance Savery

This is set in England and tells the tale of a young American prisoner of war who is determined to escape. A Bethlehem Books.

John Treegate’s Musket by Leonard Wibberely

A riveting tale of the ‘Boston Massacre’ and subsequent events.  Published by one of our favourite publishers, Bethlehem Books.

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