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Indulging a Bibliophile Wife

I have long been wanting bookshelves that reach to the ceiling in the library and travel the perimeter of the room. On the weekend PC began making this dream come true.

Upon close inspection of the bookcase up the centre of the room, he came to the conclusion it could easily be unscrewed and then the shelves could be re-screwed straight into the wall studs.

This now gives plenty of space in the centre of the room, and the books look so nice reaching from floor to ceiling.  For now I’m placing bean bags in the centre but am planning on acquiring a couple of armchairs to create a cosy reading retreat.

During the week I implored my sons to rip out the cupboard in the far corner so we could fit one of the bookcases in that space.  It missed fitting by 3cm! The boys managed to lever all three cases along that necessary distance.

For now the picture book bins sit in the nook but my darling PC is talking about making another bookcase which will be divided into cubes to separate each picture book topic:)
I’m currently in there happily re-organising and making a welcoming space.
Thank you my PC:):)

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