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Kitchen Takes Shape

ki wall 1

ki wall 2

The countdown is on as the arrival of our flatpack has been promised for next week, therefore our energies have been firmly on kitchen renovations and making final kitchen choices.

ETA: A flat pack is when the cabinet maker draws up the plans and then cuts all the pieces for the kitchen and we then assemble it. All these pieces will arrive flat in packaging, hence a ‘flat pack.’ We’ll save thousands of dollars doing it this way.

Once the kitchen’s external walls were up, we turned our attention to the internal walls. We began with measuring and screwing on the ceiling battens.

ki wall 3

Whilst the battens were going up, my task was to measure, cut and lay the insulation in the walls.

ki wall 5ki wall 7Measuring, double checking, gluing, installing and screwing the gyprock/sheeting onto the ceiling was our first task.

Without a doubt purchasing the gyprock hoist has been one of our best investments.

ki wall 9

We then turned our attention to laying the gyprock on the walls.

ki wall 10

Once the gyprock was in place it was time to begin preparations for plastering.

ki wall 13

ki wall 14

Then plastering the dining room and kitchen. PC is much faster at plastering since he first ‘gave it a go’. Rather proud of him.

ki wall 16

The space in front of the window will be our dining room, the foreground our kitchen,

ki wall 17

turning so you can see, this is the kitchen space. It’s all taking shape, a couple of steps closer towards readiness for the arrival of the flatpack.

Tasks this weekend include; painting all three rooms; the learning room, dining room and kitchen. To finish laying the floorboards in the kitchen and then sanding and polyurethane-ing for that area only. The race is on..


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