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Largest Flood in Recorded History

Recently our region was threatened with a flood of massive proportions.  The city itself was spared at the ‘eleventh hour’, unlike Bundaberg, though many families in surrounding areas lost their homes:(

It was frightening just how close the flood waters were to pouring over the levee wall.

*All photos are credit of Princess (11) taken from a moving vehicle as we drove around town.
** Visit my friend K for some incredible flood pics!! and Missy had water in her house!

Snapped as we drove onto the bridge, the flood waters spread far out past the banks of the River.

The River itself, swiftly moving.  The River rose rapidly in a matter of hours, a flood of epic proportions, one unprecedented in recorded history.

On the North side of town, the SES were busy evacuating residents, downtown the shopkeepers were moving stock up, expecting the main street to be flooded that afternoon with water possibly 1.5 metres in height.

Standing on the South bank we looked towards the Bridge, the waters were so high

and extremely swift!!

The local RSL club was inundated.

Looking towards our Church the flood waters are so close, normally the children run down a steep bank and out across River flats to reach the River.

Standing on the levee wall, it was so very, very close to going over.  The levee wall is 8.1 metres and the flood peaked at 8.08m!!!!!!
So very, very grateful we were spared the worst, though many families are suffering.

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