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Leaping Into Literature: A Tradition Returns

Way back in 2013 I had an idea and like all great ideas it took off, blazing a path. The idea was to devote the whole of Term 4 to an immersion in literature, predominately with a focus on quality picture books. When introducing new ideas to our children I need to carefully consider as often my great ideas quickly become firm Tradition, as has our Leaping into Literature, which now reaches it’s 6th year!!


Over the years, with our older children particularly in mind, we have expanded our Leaping into Literature Term to include another Tradition, our Bookworm.  This is a favourite, oft visited reading competition which the whole family participates in. Our picture book immersion of rich, meaty books on a variety of topics; history, geography, science and Faith has expanded to include immersion in chapter books as well. Maths, other assigned work and writings also continue to be undertaken.


The first four weeks of this Term have been incredibly jam packed with Life! An extended family holiday with 50 people! our son made his First Holy Communion, the older girls attended an interstate Pilgrimage walking 100km, I attended a bi-annual book sale, we participated in our local Festival and we had a family of five visiting for a week!

We began our Leaping into Literature during the past fortnight. Reading our way through the latest book sale finds.  My plans is to give you a quick synopsis of each book over the following weeks. As this week’s pile is towering I best settle for getting started.

Keep in mind as you read the children’s Star ratings this ‘panel’ involved children aged; 14, 12, 10, 7 & 4 years. They considered language, plot, interest, illustrations and the target age. Disclosure, any books rated 2.5 Stars and less were moved along, our library is bulging and we need to cull.



Fox and Fine Feathers – Narelle Oliver 5 Star

Martha – Gennady Spirin 5 Star

Loon Baby – Molly Beth Griffen 4.5 Star

Tiny’s Big Adventure – Martin Waddell 4.5 Star

What’s in the Egg Little Pip – Karma Wilson 4 Star

Leon’s Song – Stephanie Simpson McLellan 4 Star

Looking for Loons – Jennifer Lloyd 3 Star



Max’s Magic Seeds – Geraldine Elschner 5 Star

Flotsam – David Wiesner (Worldless) 3.5 Star

Ferdie and the Falling Leaves – Julie Rawlinson 3 Star

Winter’s Blanket – Phil Cummings 1.5 Star



Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies – Carolyn Crimi 4 Star

Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles – J Patrick Lewis 4 Star

The Boy Who Cried fabulous – Leslea Newman 4 Star

I Know a Librarian Who Chewed on a Word – Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton 4 Star

Parsley Rabbit’s Book About Books – Frances Watts 0.5 Star



The Patchwork Quilt – Valerie Flournoy 4 Star

The Visitor – Sonja Bougaeva 4 Star



Are We There Yet? – Alison Lester 5 Star

Little Pierre: A Cajun Story from Louisiana – Robert D San Souci 5 Star

One Step At A Time – Jane Jolly 4.5 Star

Possum Magic – Mem Fox 4.5 Star

Bamboo – Paul Yee 4.5 Star

That’s What Leprechauns Do – Eve Bunting 3.5 Star

Mr Chicken Lands on London – Leigh Hobbs 0 Star



Azzi in Between – Sarah Garland 5 Star

Suri’s Wall – Lucy Estela 5 Star

Emily Jane – Sadie & Suzanne Pascoe 4.5 Star



I Won’t Say Please! – Ruth Palmer 3.5 Star

The Scallywags – David Melling 2.5 Star

“Excuse Me” Learning About Politeness – Brian Moses 2.5 Star

The Scallywags Blow Their Top – David Melling 0 Star



The Birthday Tree – Paul Fleischman 5 Star

Flat Stanley – Jeff Brown 5 Star

What to Do? What to Do? – Toni Teevin 4 Star

Moonbird – Joyce Dunbar 4 Star

Circus Caps for Sale – Esphyr Slobodkina 3.5 Star

Rotten Island – William Steig 3.5 Star

Parachute – Danny Parker 3.5 Star

Frog Prince – retold Kathy Jo Wargin 3.5 Star

What’s the Matter Aunty May? – Peter Friend 3 Star

Uncle Albert’s Seal – Romie Claridge 2.5 Star

Too Many Elephants in This House – Ursula Dubosarsky 2.5 Star

Bill in a China Shop – Katie McAllaster Weaver 2.5 Star

Luke’s Way of Looking – Nadia Wheatley 2 Star

Good for You, Good for Me – Lorenz Pauli 2 Star

Rules of Summer – Shaun Tan 0.5 Star

Lucy Goes to Market: A Magical Alphabet – Imogen Clare 0 Star


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