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Learning Room Needing a Revamp

We are very excited to finally have a learning room once again, after 6 years of makeshift quarters.  All three of our learning areas flow off each other, the first door on the right takes you into the study, and the second door into the library.  I’m contemplating pulling down walls and opening up the library and learning room to one another, though that plan has pros and cons.  Actually the back wall (with the display shelves) will be coming down and opening up to the room beyond.

Whilst it is true that a dedicated learning area isn’t necessary to home educate we have found over the years that we prefer to have all materials in a centered spot.  Not having to clear the dining room table of learning materials for meals is a huge blessing.

However it all now looks very ‘schoolie’ and I’m not so keen on that look either.  I think the main ‘culprits’ are the blackboard and the corkboard, yet I find these incredibly useful.  Once upon a time my natural learner self would have been surprised at that!

For quite some time I’ve been gathering ideas together, for the big moment.  the problem is the time hasn’t quite arrived, walls are to be pulled down, the ceiling lifted, floorboards laid, windows enlarged, new cupboards built etc.  Yet that all won’t be for another year to two.

So my question for my readers is, do I live in limbo for a year or two, or do I renovate(with a very limited budget)?  What to do? If you believe I should do some sort of revamp, what ideas do you have?

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  • loving, laughing and learning

    How about changing the colour scheme a little? A change of colour can always freshen things up. You could paint the chalkboard a different colour with chalkboard paint, put a cover over the couch, paint the cupboards and cover the corkboard with padded material. Just ideas, I love decorating but never have the money 🙂

  • loving, laughing and learning

    I haven't done the corkboard myself but there are lots of tutorials on the internet that don't look too hard. I'd prob choose the corboard fabric or chalkboard paint first then tie in the rest with those colours. You could go primary colours if you want a bold change or pastels for a more subtle look. Or go all white and have the boards in a colour. Just be careful that whatever you choose goes with the brown trims.

  • Jeanne

    Actually, I love it just as it is. What about a nice rug for the floor to make it feel more cozy? Something that you will love using even when the room is finished. That blackboard is swoonworthy!

  • Deanne Langford

    I agree with LL&L!
    Some bright colours would definitely give it a lift- maybe even some nice kids artwork around the walls.
    However, if you don't want to cover the cork board with fabric, they are easy enough to paint- I have done quite a few over the years.

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    I personally couldn't wait. Paint is cheap. I'd be painting the cupboards, around the blackboard, etc and even the table. A fun, bright learning place. I wouldn't go too loud and busy (or girly) as you have older children and they don't want to feel like they are in a kindergarten so I'd stick with white and add a few colours like purple, blue and green, accessories. Bright and cheedful but not over the top. You give each kid a task, ie update the cupboard and let them at it!

  • Erin

    So would you go bright blue/green/purple or pastels?
    I had thought about painting the corkboard but then I've seen some beautiful fabric ones on pinterest.
    Would you paint the cupboard doors?

  • Vicky

    My ideas aren't very practical but I'd probably add some pretty tablecloths, vases of flowers and a lamp or two. Possibly, a couple of cheerful throw rugs, some nice cushions and attractive pictures or children's art.

    Because I'm really, really selfish, I would make one corner of the sofa 'my spot' and I would put the side table next to it with a lamp, my baskets of work and special books. Then, I would get someone to make me a coffee and settle down for a read aloud session:)

    It'll be interesting to see the end result.

    God bless, Erin:-)

  • Pam

    This is such a timely post for me because I have hubby's permission to sell our formal dining room furniture and revamp the area as a school room. Except it is the very first thing you see when you walk in the front door of our house. So like you, I don't want it too schoolish. I don't want it to look like a school room, but instead an area in the home where learning takes place. So I am gathering inspiration!

    I noticed some of your trim was white and some was brown. You might paint all the trim and cabinets a matching white. I agree with throwing down a big rug or floor cloth. That would bring cohesion to the floor area. Then a soft color on the walls. You could then add a few pops of color with the table and cork board. Like everyone said, paint is so cheap and much of what you do could then be integrated into the final remodel.

    Will be watching with great interest!

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Dearest Erin, I would see what the children like Iie whether to go bold or pastel) if it is a place where they are going to do their bookwork and reading.

    I'd personally go for some lovely bright colours that pop. When children are young lots of colours are great but as they get older, you can harness it a little more and go for just a couple of them (accessories) with a base colour.

    I'd keep the walls white or pastel in order to display some of the kids lovely artwork too. Oh you are going to have "such fun". You lucky lady.

  • Erin

    Flowers are a great idea!! oh all your ideas are great. I'm going to have to start a folder with all the terrific ideas.

    I popped over, thanks for sharing:)

    How is your project going? I keep facilitating between painting cupboard doors and not. I was thinking definitely a Spanish cream for the window frames. Have decided to cover the corkboard with fabric, just need to decide on wall colour. A few suggestions have included a rug, though I can't see that working, this room sees alot of traffic walking through (kitchen and bathroom beyond it) so at this stage a rug would get filthy.

    I do like the idea of displaying artwork:) In fact I have some terrific pics framed that the older children did years back. Overwhelmed choosing colour but I will. Plan is it is holidays here in three weeks, I'm going to tackle this then.

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